Contest: Win The New Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

We get it. You guys like contests but you like ’em easy. You can’t be bothered to send in photos for free shirts and while that sucks, there’s nothing we can do about it.

But maybe this will get you hyped. How about a FREE $130 Jawbone Bluetooth headset? Hmm? You know, the new one with better NoiseAssassin technology and with a hot new style. We have one in black to give away to one lucky ready and here’s how we’re going to do it:

  • You must live in the USA – sorry but international shipping is too much of a hassle
  • Contest ends October 31st, on Halloween
  • You can enter once per day

Got it? Awesome. Leave a comment with a VALID name and VALID email address and let us know why you deserve this beautiful piece of Bluetooth goodness!


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  1. you suck

  2. I’m a poor law student, please help.

  3. Because my girlfriend constantly talks to me on the phone while I’m playing video games, and tilting my head either causes me to mess up my game, or hang up on her. Anyone who either plays video games or has/had a girlfriend knows that either of those things are VERY bad. Having this will allow me to please my girlfriend by not hanging up on her, thus causing a fight, and it will also protect my television, so I don’t throw my controller and/or cell phone through it.

  4. I need this so I can please Mike’s girlfriend from above!!!

  5. Because I live in California where it just became illegal to talk on a phone while driving without one, and I have an embarassing story to boot. Trying to be a law abiding citizen, but not having the cash to buy a nice wireless headset, I go out and get one of those earbud ones that just have the microphone hanging off your right ear. Hurrying one morning I try to put the contraption on to answer a call while pulling off the curb, only to get the thing wrapped around my steering wheel and somehow my neck. I stupidly decide to keep turning, which only made matters worse because the cable forced my face into the wheel. I decide its probably best to move out of the way first so I go ahead and try to pull back into my spot, and manage to get my head free just in time to see the car that had pulled in just out of view. Little tap. Dude was pissed, but the cars were fine. So yeah. I missed that call, But with this headset… I could at least look a little cooler in the process.

  6. Can’t buy one, wont steal one, maybe win one?

  7. Because in addition to having a full time job I’m a big-time volunteer for the Obama campaign in the swing state of Florida whose arm gets tired and whose phone gets sweaty when I’m calling for hours on end to get out the vote and recruit volunteers to help us win this election!


  8. This would be awesome to have…give it to me 🙂

  9. I think i should win it because my old one fell out the car door when i opened it and fell right into a puddle of water a few months ago. Without it, ive been feeling like an armadillo without a top hat 🙁

  10. My mother lives in CA and she still doesn’t have a hands free headset. She is one of those drivers who really ought to have one of these.

  11. Because my last bluetooth headset broke and Im tired getting tickets in Chicago for using my cell phone! 5 moving violations in 3 months!

  12. Because my phone doesn’t use the regular headphone jack and i’ve already broken two headphones within a week of getting them… pieces of junk

  13. I currently have a bluetooth headset made of post-it notes and tape, but i think my co workers and friends are starting to catch on!

    Please help me look cooler with a real bluetooth headset !

  14. i live in ca. and drive a lot. please help me comply with the new law

  15. Give it to me… or the bunny gets it!

  16. Because I wish to do my part in keeping the highways safe for all of mankind!

  17. Because I’m a hot chick who’ll send a picture of myself with nothing but the headset on when I win it.

  18. because I’m a fat 82 year old dude who’ll send a picture of myself with nothing but the headset on when I win it.

  19. i got the need, the need for speed (and bluetooth conversations)

  20. Because i’m a self involved douchebag who wears a phone headset in public!

  21. I live in Chicago & you must have an earpiece when driving.

  22. I deserve this beautiful piece of bluetooth goodness because I watch anime, fly radio controlled airplanes, own Magic The Gathering cards, play Mario Kart Wii and I need something to make me look “cool.”

  23. I deserve this bluetooth headset because I like beer.

  24. Because, just because… not really. I am broke as a joke, a student and that headset is sexy.

  25. I should win because i feel this will greatly increase my chances with sarah palin, creating a scandle which will get obama into office. Best of both worlds baby!

  26. Because none of the earbuds on the market fit in my ear. If I wear one for more than ten minutes, I lose partial hearing in that ear for a few hours. Id love to try out the jawbone to see if I can stop the madness.

  27. Why would I want one if I could win it?
    1. Who does not like free stuff?
    2. I promise not to double dip it into spinach artichoke or any other dip.
    3. I promise not to wear it while at the manual car wash where I get more water on me than the car.
    4. I promise to attach it to the ear and not use it as a nose ring like one time past.
    5. I promise not to accidently poke myself in the eye with the ear thingy like I did once – experience is a great teacher.
    6. I promise not to leave it on top of the car with a cup of coffee and then spot the car behind me run over it as I drive off to work.
    7. I promise to charge it because they work much better that way from experience.
    8. I promise not to deep fry or saute this device.
    9. I promise to make it look sexy whenever I am wearing it to make you guys proud.
    10. I promise NOT to wear it naked like some mental pictures noted above. I am not the picture you want for that surely.
    11. I promise I will not try to read the newspaper with it.
    12. I promise I will not try and look like that crazy person at the grocery store who is runnning around talking to themself (without a bluetooth).
    13. I promise to not wear it in line at the grocery store while everyone else is wishing I would talk quieter or not at all right next to them.
    14. I promise not to use it in the elevator unless alone.
    15. I promise there will be no flushing sounds that will go trough the microphone while wearing this device.
    16. I promise no other bathroom appropriate sounds will likewise go through the microphone while I wear it.
    17. I promise to keep the ketchup on the fires, not the bluetooth.
    18. I promise to not try and put it on while driving and adjusting the stereo at the same time.
    19. I promise to take it off rather than walking around with it on my head when it is not even turned on.
    20. I promise not to yell into the microphone while in public settings like those obnoxious people do who are insensitive to all around.
    21. I promise to not accidently let it fall into any water in the bathroom (not again at least).
    22. I promise not to sit at my home next to a phone and just use the bluetooth because I am that lazy (new exercise program!).

    Guess that is it for now. I hope you will promise to send it to me….

  28. Because this would be the first ever Bluetooth headset for me. I just traded in my 1999 mobile phone

    I think it’s time!

  29. Amichai Margolis

    As a kindergarten (through 5th grade) music teacher here in NY, I need all the help I can get being heard . . . especially over the din of 17 exuberant 5-year-olds! Just picture those kids learning about percussion each with their own drum/cymbal/triangle and I have no doubt that I should get the pity vote ; -)

  30. I need to win this because of three reasons:

    1.) I am broke:
    – I am currently unemployed
    – I’ve recently filed for bankruptcy
    – My car leaks in the rain

    2.) I am ugly:
    – I want to lose 30 more pounds (I’ve lost 40 already)
    – I tried a new barbershop yesterday and they jacked up my hair
    – My feet are rougher than the economy

    3.) I feel trapped
    – I need money so I won’t be #1
    – I need to improve myself to not be #2
    – My email has the word trapped in it

    Ok, that was more like 9 reasons, but I just really want this thing. It looks cool, it’s small, and the video on the jawbone site makes me want this thing. If this device actually drowns noise like it claims, then it would be awesome to be able to try it out and confirm such a claim. If I win, I will post a personal review of this product and then maybe become a writer for gearfuse, which will work out nicely (see #1 above) 🙂

  31. I’d like to not get arrested if someone calls me when I’m driving.

  32. Cause California is making me get one to drive with.

  33. I’m a law student and I need the Jawbone to look less law student and more high-priced attorney.

  34. I deserve this jawbone headset because I’m a dedicated reader of Gearfuse! Yay!

  35. Because it’s going to be really windy whenever they finally get around to giving us those flying cars they said we would have.

  36. I need a phone strapped to my face 24/7 because when I DO leave the house, my couch might just call to tell me that the TV misses me.

  37. My cat ate my other bluetooth. apparently it didn’t like the little blinking blue light. I wasn’t about to dig through the litter box to find the blue flashing turd so that I could stick it in my ear. Therefore, a new bluetooth device would be quite usefull. I am pretty certain it would make fewer people sick to see me with a jawbone in my ear, instead of a flashing cat turd.

  38. My bluetooth likes getting stuck in corners. A nice and shiny one would be nice.

  39. I need it because having a rotary phone duct taped to the side of my head doesn’t fit with my whole “obnoxiously rich and famous” persona.

  40. If I win this I’ll always answer the phone, “This is Johnal, Gearfuse fan #1.”

  41. Because my birthday is coming up.

  42. I’d like a treat because my work exhausts me.

  43. The John McCain Style Entry:
    Well, friends, I know it’s going to be hard to pick and all of these other entries look real swell but what you might NOT know is that the other contestants voted 28 times to abolish kittens. My record shows that I’m worthy of this and many other major awards. Why don’t you come sit on my lap and enjoy a Werther’s Original while I tell you more…

  44. Because tomorrow is my birthday and I’ll be old enough to rent cars from all Car Rental companies, not just Enterprise! So, it will be crucial that when I using all these car rental companies, that I be able to talk on the phone at the same time without getting a ticket!

  45. I have a cat… a loud one… and a noise assassin would be nice.

  46. It’s my birthday! I want to use this device to connect to other people’s phones when we’re out to dinner so I can answer their phone calls for them. (Think the Office)

  47. Because I’m broke and need a new headset?

  48. …because even though the power went out at work, I’m still committed to visiting gearfuse from my phone!

  49. I went skydiving for the first time today.

  50. … because I use my turning signals and know how to drive.

  51. I deserve this because I’m finally free of my hangover. yay

  52. I need this headset because I’m a klutz.
    You might say “oh, he’s afraid of having his phone to his ear and dropping it in the toilet (again)” but no,it’s much more serious. The real danger is the fact that I’m nearly positive that my job at the lasagna factory will one day lead to tragedy. Most of the machines I work with are specifically designed to rip off all 4 limbs simultaneously. Seeing that my future is so bleak, having a stylish headset hooked to my ear so that I can still talk to telemarketers and incarcerated women is my only solace.

    Help me look forward to a brighter future.

  53. I have a sinus headache and people screaming into the phone over the noise hurts 🙁

  54. Because my g/f gets pissy when I talk to her on the phone while riding the bus

  55. I need this because I can’t even use my phone outside lately because of how windy it’s been.

  56. This would force me to get a phone that supports bluetooth. 🙂

  57. Because then I could type up homework while calling my boyfriend to make him type his?

  58. I deserve this because deep down, I know I’m actually a cyborg and this would make me feel like I’m being the real me.

  59. Because I have an oral argument tonight.

  60. Because I’m about to sit through 3 hours of the worst class ever

  61. My commute is about to quadruple in 2 weeks and I will really be needing one of these.

  62. Because I spent all day pulling down 30′ tall nightshade vines.

  63. Because I advanced to the next round of my oral argument competition

  64. Because I was nice about an old lady cutting me off on the freeway this morning – just brushed it off as an old lady mistake.

  65. Because I made it to round 3 of oral argument competition

  66. Without one, people will think I’m from the 909 instead of the 714. Oh noez!

  67. Because I want to look pretty?

  68. Because I do not have a cell phone, and thus will tick everyone who could actually use it off. Bwahahahahaha

  69. The first and foremost reason that I need one is that I just recently broke my current bluetooth headset while playing Call of Duty 4 on the PS3. It started off like any other Sunday of mine, drinking early and doing nothing with the one day off I get a week. So after I’ve had a few pints of Guinness I’m feeling pretty good so I might as well get back to COD4 and continue to work on my prestige rankings for what is it now, the seventh or eigth time. The games go right and dandy for a couple hours till I run into a new group of players and the moment the game starts, it happens; That pre-pubescent high-pitched trash-talking and for whatever damned reason I can’t manage to mute the brat. (Now that may have been my own fault since during those few hours I’d had a few more pints). So I finally had enough and tell him to quiet down and be less annoying (Hey, thats what my mind turned my words into. They just might not have been put as nicely when spoken). Hopefully that would end the noises that are trying my patience, but of course not, ending up only making him do it all the more frequently, and not even using words, just random gutteral sounds before he turned on the worst thing possible in the background. Music. Oh, not just music, but horrible music, bassy and broken, even less understandable when being transmitted through a microphone. And that was it! I tore the damned headset right off my ear and proceeded to end the infernal noise and counter with my own while asking how they liked it now while I proceeded to crunch the headset to pieces in my mouth and letting the remnants rain down around me.

    So please Gearfuse, give this drunken gamer another headset so he can nicely (Interpreted that way) ask others to stop being so noisy and irritating.

  70. and again: only US 🙁 very sad!!!

  71. When you going to announce the winner?

  72. Stupid Vikings…

  73. I need this in order to avoid another ticket…damn it! gjaksdfll;kj

  74. I’d like to… look awesome!

  75. because I didn’t switch to Geico and I can’t afford to buy one myself.

  76. Because my last bluetooth was terrible

  77. Currently my pathetic excuse for a bluetooth dies every 72 hours or so, leading to a rush to charge it and not actually putting the silly thing in my car where it should be. I need something that works!

  78. I need this…

    I walk around in shame because I am not able to live in the world of other cool People Wearing Headsets All the Time (PWHAT). I want to be a part of their society. I want to attend their meetings, their happy hours, go to the clubs with them…or whatever PWHATs do.

    I want to show the rest of the world that I am important. They will see that I never know when I might get the next phone call, therefor I must wear it all the time.

    I feel left out…please help me become a PWHAT.

  79. I need this to piss off my wife.

    Seriously! She hates these things!

    I’ve been wanting a BT headset for my phone ever since I saw that Dr Who episode where all the people were controlled through their …. wait, no, that’s not it. I need one so that I can be a better driver! (yeah, that sounds better)

    Also, with this thing, people won’t look at me funny when I’m wandering around downtown talking to myself. They’ll think I’m talking on my phone, and not to the voices in my head! Good-bye, Mr. Straightjacket! Hello, freedom!

  80. I could really use this bluetooth headset for another reason as well. I have a penchant of mumbling to myself about work-related things or when I’m actually working with my head in a panel or junction box, walking myself through what I have in front of me to work with and any problems i see pre-existing before I start the job. So the obvious solution is to get a headset so that I can continue to talk and if anyone questions what I’m doing, I’ll have a real excuse as to just why I’m justified in talking to myself.

    It just gets tiring to be walking in a busy area and talking to myself and enjoying the conversations entirely when someone comes up and asks me if I’m lost, getting that perturbed look on my face as I pause my discussions by being so rudely interrupted. And usually after telling them that no, I’m not lost, they have the gall to actually ask if I need any help and if I’m in my medication. And thus repeats the same no statement once again and I continue on my way because I’ve lost valuable time to talk to myself and work things over since my hand and I are still having some relationship problems I’m trying to work out. And what a suprise when I finally leave and there’s the mall security waiting for me saying that they need to talk to me because I was creating a disturbance and scaring other consumers by talking to myself.

    Now if only I had that headset, I could get away with it without any problem, just point to the blinking light and keep on going with my day. Things would be easier then.

  81. If I keep this in my ear all day at work I can call radio stations at work to try and win prizes without people knowing I’ve been on hold for hours on end. Yesss!

  82. I lost in last night’s oral argument and now have saddness

  83. Bluetooth headsets have always made me think of the little earpieces they use in the book Farenheit 451 or Harrison Bergeron (the books, at least-are they even in the movies?). Granted, those are used for a non-stop barrage of music, distracting people from their inane lives, while a simple cell phone headset would never….oh, wait. Well, at least I’d be hands-free.

  84. It’s Wednesday and we all know what that means. 3 hours of the worst class ever… again!

  85. because I spend more money on dog food than I do on my own food. *sigh*

  86. Because then I can look like a professional instead of the super poor, barely out of college kid that I am.

  87. Because I just blew my money on Far Cry 2 (good game so far)

  88. because new technology is my friend and I miss my friend.

  89. because with this earpiece I’ll be able to unravel the mysteries of the universe!

  90. Because my name is MaCayn and I’m dressing up as McCain for Halloween. Hilarious, I know.

  91. Because like everyone else on this planet, I’m a beautiful and unique snowflake and deserve special treatment

  92. because my roommate and I just hosted a Halloween Kegger (5 kegs) and it was awesome, but I’m left with a horrible hangover.

  93. Because I said so

  94. Because with this badass puppy i can avoid getting stopped by crazy cops who have nothing better to do than stop innocent (gearfuse loving fans) who like to drive and yap simultaneously.


  95. because today is my brother in law’s birthday! yay! Happy Birthday Mike! =)

  96. Because Fallout 3 was released today, Jawbones for everybody!

  97. I really really really need one. Hook it up.

  98. I could use this because my wife doesn’t think I’m cool, and this would certainly make me cool.

  99. because I voted early!

  100. Because it’s almost Halloween

  101. because I celebrated hump day yesterday and my head hurts this morning.

  102. because I’m the first one to enter on the last day of the contest! yay! lol Happy Halloween!

  103. Because I spent yesterday cleaning my apartment before someone came over… and then they bailed…

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