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10 Dr. Who Quotes About Understanding the Universe

Doctor Who

If you are a Whovian, then no doubt you already know that Dr. Who has a solution for everything, including understanding the universe as we know it. Here are 10 pieces of the good Doctor's advice to keep in mind next time you find yourself pondering the biggest questions in life.

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7 Awesome Gaming Nerd Quotes

Angry Video Game Nerd

We all have an inner gaming nerd...okay, well most of us have an inner gaming nerd who will enjoy these quotes, for those without said gaming nerd, just smile and nod.

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12 Epic Quotes From Terry Pratchett


If you are a Brit and a science fiction and fantasy novel reader, then chances are that you know who Terry Pratchett is. If you don't know who he is however, prepare to be entertained by 12 epic Terry Pratchett quotes.

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10 Nostalgic Quotes From 80’s Movies

Ferris Bueller

If you're a child of the 80's then you'll appreciate this post. If you're not a child of the 80's then sit back, listen and learn because there's a lot to learn. The 80's movies were where it was at, from Sixteen Candles to E.T. to Karate Kid, there was plenty of "good tv" and rarely if ever did it involve the type of "quality" we attribute to TV today.

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All of Chewbacca’s Dialogue from Star Wars

The language of the Wookiee is one filled with mysteries. I’m not quite sure where Han Solo found the time to learn the ins-and-outs of the finer linguistics of Chewbacca’s native tongue, but he found a way. I’d personally love to learn the language, but I can’t even generate even the most simple of guttural Wookiee sounds, even with proper ...

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Contest Update

If you haven’t already entered our contest where you can win a brand new Jawbone Bluetooth headset, you should really get on that since time is running out. We’ve got over 75 comments, so there’s obviously a lot of interest in this sweet headset. Did we mention it’ll make you an assassin? A NoiseAssassin, that is. Here’s a few choice ...

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