Chinese MMO Brings Double Meaning To Gaming Addiction

ZT Online

Part casino, part MMO, ZT Online proves that not all gamers are willing to invest time into an MMO to be successful but rather, their own money.

“Chinese gamers are an unwelcome species on European and American servers,” said a game manager who once worked on World of Warcraft. Chinese players always have ways of quickly ascending levels that leave European and American gamers in the dust, and on group missions they do not like to respect the tacit rules of profit division. For those “pedantic” European and American gamers, Chinese players are like fearsome pagans. “European and American games do not encourage unlimited superiority of power; they put more of an emphasis on balance and cooperative support.” The former WOW manager said, “Perhaps this is because of the influence of traditional culture and the current environment; truth be told, Chinese gamers are better suited to jungle-style gaming.”

An online game manager recalled that he once received at the company a gamer who had money but no patience. This gamer came with an inquiry: could he simply pay to purchase high-level equipment? Everyone at the company had a good chuckle at that. Now, the manager sighs regretfully: they did not realize that the gamer represented an immense business opportunity. ZT Online, on the other hand, saw it and achieved success.

Unlike other MMOs, ZT Online has no items dropped when killing mobs (the baddies) or completing quests. In this game, you either buy components for your gear and have it assembled or gamble for money you don’t have. Gaming addictions, whether it be casino gaming or video gaming, are no laughing matter. Putting them together in an addicting MMO is about as funny as an April fool’s joke from Blizzard.

Lame, Blizzard, really lame.

Ironic how a game like ZT Online, which is set in medieval times, has money as the most important component for a player’s success.

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  1. “truth be told, Chinese gamers are better suited to jungle-style gaming.� IE. do anything to get ahead including abusing exploits.

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