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Drugs, Addiction And Hollywood

Cory Monteith

I read an article this morning from Thought Catalog. I try to avoid the site when I can because the grade of writing seems to have gone downhill considerably over time. But something about this article caught my eye, the title “This is What Addiction Looks Like” and it was accompanied by a photograph of Cory Monteith. This article really ...

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Refill Required T-Shirt: Caffeine Source is Low

Decaf? Never! When you feel that caffeine high wearing off, there’s only one thing to do. Refill. Grab another cup and repeat the cycle over and over and over. Caffeine’s a hell of a drug. Can you always use some more caffeine, even if you’ve just finished a large espresso? Have your addiction printed onto a t-shirt for $19.95. Link

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“Just One More Level…” T-Shirt is a Symbol of Gamer Persistence

All of you gamers are likely all too familiar with this situation. It’s 3 a.m., you’ve got class in the morning, but the gaming bug has bitten you on the ass and will not let go. So what do you do? Just repeat to yourself “Just one more level… one more level…” Yeah, keep telling yourself that. A gaming hangover ...

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Morphine And THC Combo Makes Super Painkiller

Morphine relieves pain. THC gets you high as a kite. Combine them together and what do you get? A drug that relieves pain but also gets you high as a kite. Joseph Holtman and Peter Crooks at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington, Kentucky have taken the initiative by working on a practical application further proving marijuana’s ...

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Chinese MMO Brings Double Meaning To Gaming Addiction

Part casino, part MMO, ZT Online proves that not all gamers are willing to invest time into an MMO to be successful but rather, their own money. “Chinese gamers are an unwelcome species on European and American servers,” said a game manager who once worked on World of Warcraft. Chinese players always have ways of quickly ascending levels that leave ...

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Korea Launches First Preventive Mobile Phone Addict Program

A civic group called School Beautiful Movement, together with the Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity and Promotion and SK Telecom has launched a program to teach the young proper cellphone use, in preparedness of protecting them from the harsh recesses of mobile addiction. Twelve Korean elementary, middle and high schools were selected for the pilot program and for the next ...

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Could you live without your computer for 24 hours? Try it on Shutdown Day

March 24 could be a challenge for those who want to partake in Shutdown Day. What is Shutdown Day? Are they going to shutdown Grandma’s life support? No, no worries. But the challange you must face, might ultimately be harder than losing a loved one. That’s right. We’re talking about not going on the computer….for a complete 24 hours. The ...

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