China Blocks iTunes For Selling Pro-Tibet Songs

China hates Tibet. No, China really hates Tibet. That’s why when some 40 Olympic athletes downloaded a pro-Tibet album three days before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, China got pissed off and blocked iTunes behind it’s great firewall. Was it because the album featured 20 songs from artists including Sting, Moby, Damien Rice and Alanis Morissette? Well, sort of. The US-based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) pretty much advertised it’s free album, Songs for Tibet, to all the athletes at the Olympics.� They also encouraged people to listen to them during the games and, while they meant well, China took an aggressive notice.

�Certainly, we did intend the downloads to be a subtle form of protest for the athletes, as well as an act of solidarity for the Tibetan people.�

And that is why China no longer likes you. Apple will be lucky if China gives it the opportunity to open up more shops in their country after this deceitful act.� Personally, I think China needs to get the sand out of their vagina. Then again, this China-Tibet feud has been going on for so long, it’s way over my head.


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