Beijing’s Street Art Scene

If you’re looking for a more realistic view of Beijing than the fake fireworks and lipsynching on Olympics broadcasts check out these photos. Roving reporters from the art blog Supertouch brought back excellent shots of street art, fashion, architecture, and hilariously misspelled english-language signage.

China is known for a harsh treatment of prisoners and intense government censorship. Beijing isn’t a place where I’d expect to find graffiti, but apparently there’s lots of great street art in the city. Read more to see some of the best examples graffiti and stencil artwork from Supertouch’s Beijing gallery.

Much of the street art that Supertouch photographed in Beijing has a distinct Asian influence:

There are also pieces that show Western graffiti imagery:

Despite the watchful eye of the authorities, political street art seems common in Beijing:


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  1. This is great i would not have expected political street art in a place renouned for it’s heavy treatment of people with opposing views and it’s censorship of liberating ideas.

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