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China Welcomes Back iTunes

After that questionable business China pulled by blocking access to iTunes (due to a pro-Tibet album), their Great Firewall engineers discovered that they’re able to selectively block specific albums from users. That’s right, iTunes is now available in China…again.   COMING THIS SUMMER… CHINA: PART 2 Say bye-bye to pro-Tibet albums and anything not communist and say hello to a ...

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China Blocks iTunes For Selling Pro-Tibet Songs

China hates Tibet. No, China really hates Tibet. That’s why when some 40 Olympic athletes downloaded a pro-Tibet album three days before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, China got pissed off and blocked iTunes behind it’s great firewall. Was it because the album featured 20 songs from artists including Sting, Moby, Damien Rice and Alanis Morissette? Well, sort ...

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