Creating Art… With Explosions!

Art, subjective as it is, can be created in many forms. While today's artwork frequently utilizes graphic design programs or Photoshop to "touch up" images, this reminds us that there is still room for the good ol' fashioned method of creating art known as "blowing things up."

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Popcorn Apocalypse

Robert Krulwich can't believe Kevin Kelly is correct about technologies never disappearing. But even if it's true, are past results a guarantee of future progress?

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Tortured By the Strings

Jonah Lehrer asks what happens in the brain to give music the kind of unique, uncanny power that Ton Koopman's organ performance exudes in spades. Video and quotes after the jump.

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Nutritive Derangements

"EACH FLUID OUNCE CONTAINS THE VIRTUES OF TWO OUNCES OF FRESH BEEF WITH ONE OUNCE SHERRY WINE." From the design blog codex99, a collection of early twentieth-century tonic labels illustrates the fickle nature of pharmaceutical progress.

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More domestic style than you or I can hope to amass in a lifetime�displayed in ten seconds. We might want to think about what that says for style... We so badly want to be our things. Video after the jump.

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