The Plaid Nebula

This quilt, from one of the more remarkable of Etsy’s space-themed sellers, purports to be an image of “R136,” a “super star cluster near the center of the Tarantula Nebula.” It’s offered by seller Jimmy McBride, or stellarquilts, who claims that it’s a rendering of the “beautiful view out the window of my ship delivering goods to colonists in Sector 3 of the 4th Quadrant.” Which leaves us wondering what kind of imaging technology that starship uses to bring out the plaids in all those swirling storms of glowing gas. Made with “fabric from 5 colonies and thread from 3 space stations,” The quilt is offered for $8500. Other quilted examples of interstellar imagery include the famous “Pillars of Creation” in the Eagle Nebula, a space battle,´┐Żand my favorite, this stark textile treatment of Mars’ moon Phobos:

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