Wheelchair Moves On The Power Of Thought

A US company named Ambient has developed a motorized wheelchair that moves when the operator thinks of specific words. The system works thanks to Audeo, a larynx control system that intercepts signals that are sent from the brain to the voice box. The signals are then relayed to a computer where they are decoded and matched to a set of ...

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DIY: Digital Dashboard Gauges

Here is a little DIY project for anyone who has mad hacking skills and a desire to pimp out their car’s dashboard. This digital dashboard gauge is built on an open source Arduino platform with text LCD and standard car senders. For the purposes of this hack, the gauge is being used to monitor turbo pressure, oil and other temperatures, ...

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Bike powered cellphone charging

Those of you who are out to save the world with your eco-friendliness will be thrilled with this new concept. It boggles our mind thinking of why bikes were never used this way before. Featured at the Coachella music festival’s Energy FACtory exhibit, these bikes are one step closer to where we want to be environmentally. The hybrid of the ...

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Fat-ass airplane needs to lose a few pounds

There’s no denying it. The Aeorscraft ML866 is one morbidly obese airplane. It’s time we had an intervention with the poor thing to help it deal with its problem. Obesity is a disease people! The ML866 is scheduled to make its first official launch next month at the NBAA convention. The fatty plane is actually pretty technologically advanced when it ...

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The Vespa is all of a sudden awesome again

This modded Vespa is not your average motor-scooter. Sporting an LCD touchscreen, WiFi internet, a Windows XP PC, and the entire collection of Jefferson Airplane, this GTS250 Vespa is one rockin’ piece of tech-transport. The Super Vespa, as we have come to call it for obvious reasons, also features a Yves Saint Laurent custom seat, but really, who the hell ...

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Panasonic AA battery-powered race car speeds at 122km/h

Perhaps you’re sick of seeing rabbits in battery commercials, but Panasonic is trying something new in Japan. This morning the company demonstrated a race car that runs on 192 pieces of their Oxyride AA-sized battery (yes, the ones you use in flashlights and older CD walkmans). And this amazing little car was able to attain a maximum speed of 122km/h ...

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