The Church Tank: Not Aerodynamic Enough For Battle


The Church Tank is the brainchild of Russian artist Kris Kuksi, and you probably already guessed that it makes a statement about war in the name of religion. It’s not an actual tank, only a model measuring 8″ h 4″ w x 10″ d, but I have a feeling that a full-size version would generate a little too much drag to be practical in battle. —Sean Fallon

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  1. Let me know when the picture of the mosque-mine-layer is up

  2. Nuclear_Posi+ive

    I don’t think drag would be an issue. Maybe its clearance, so it couldn’t go under low bridges. But think about it. No one’s allowed to fire at a church under the Geneva Convention, so this thing is legally invincible.

  3. Kris Kuksi is not Russian, he is American.

  4. With the pope as driver or what?

  5. Is this “Church-tank type 4” a model of a real church and an real tank ? Which ones ? And what about the other Church-tanks (type 1 and 5) ? I though Church-tank 1 was a german Tiger, but I was wrong…

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