Reviewed: CactusVPN


If you are looking for a cheap, trustworthy alternative to a secure path on the internet, might we suggest a VPN network? If you have mulled over how insecure the whole internet scene is, and are thinking twice before typing in your bank details and other private information, a VPN is just what you need. A Virtual Private Network or ...

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Health Care Still Doesn’t Have the Data Security It Needs

More than 30 million personal medical records have been thieved from the “secure” servers of health care practices by hackers from around the globe. Health care information is immensely valuable — and not just to the patients and families to which it pertains, but to veritable strangers looking to make some money on the black market. Yet, despite the sensitivity ...

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BYOD: Providing Guidelines and Information to Employees is Key to Security

BYOD: Providing guidelines and information to employees is key to security

The concept of BYOD – bring your own device – is extremely appealing to employers and employees alike. There are a number of key advantages that can be gained through encouraging staff members to bring their own devices into the office – but what? Efficiency Reports suggest that there is a significant increase in the efficiency of the workforce and ...

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