Mobile Phone Security Guide

Our computers and laptops have always been exposed to a lot of threat from spammers, hackers and anyone with the dishonest intention of thieving you of your data, personal information or banking details. The condition has escalated rapidly, with the tremendous demand and use of smart phones.

The concentration of the spammers and hackers has now dominantly shifted to hacking your smart phones, which are more personal and also readily used for a number of important functions, other than just making calls. Built-In-Kill-Switches that come with many smart phones are not enough to safeguard them from this head strong infiltration of viruses. This is where it becomes important on your part to employ new ways of to save your phone from random hackers and spammers.

Tricks and tips on securing your phone:

To protect your phone from being tampered with, manipulated, hacked or tracked in some random way or the other, it is advised that you take the help of the following tips and tricks-

  • Lock the Phone Screen-

The first layer of security that you can implement to make your phone safer is by activating a lock screen. Though this will not safeguard from getting pick pocketed or stolen, it will buy you some time, in case someone is trying to hack into your phone physically, when you are not paying attention. Make sure you make a distinctly unpredictable lock screen pattern, so that it cannot be hacked into immediately.

  • Setting passwords-

Setting password for the crucial apps and personal folders in your phone saves them from the infiltration of an outsider and splurging the content inside. Do not use important dates, abbreviation of names, etc, as passwords. Make it hard to guess, once again.

  • Install an Anti Virus-

The safest step you can take to protect your phone from destructive malware, viruses and other similar infiltrations is by installing an Anti Virus App or one of these security apps. Make sure that the Anti Virus you install is a trusted and competent one and covers a number of protection options.

  • Use only the secured networks-

A lot of people give way to hackers just by using random networks. Restrict your data usage and downloads in public, where the data is being used by multiple participants. This puts your device at the risk of being traced. Use networks that are 100% secure and keep your information protected.

  • Download Verified Apps-

Your phone is almost useless without its fare share of applications. These applications extend you the option of using a variety of technical facilities, such as online chatting, downloading and streaming of songs for free, tracking your daily activity, editing videos and photos, sharing media, shopping online and a lot more. A lot of people tend to download any and every app that comes their way. This is one of the most common mistakes made by smart phone owners. Only and only download apps that come from trusted sources and those that are verified.

Following this handful of tips will help you increase the security of your phone by manifolds, preventing it from the infiltration of any dishonest source.

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