Reasons You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Most victims of car accidents will significantly benefit from retaining a car accident lawyer as soon as they can after the collision. The following reasons are why it is a great idea to get an attorney.


Right from the time when you are the victim of a vehicular accident, you will have questions that you might not know the answers to. Whose auto insurance policy will be the one to cover the medical bills? Who will pay for any damage sustained by your vehicle? How will you find the right doctor for your specific injuries? Will you be entitled to damages for pain and suffering? Having an experienced Colorado car accident attorney, like one from Bachus & Schanker LLC, on your side will allow you to have access to their invaluable advice from the time you call them until your case is resolved.


In Colorado, there is an at-fault system in place, which makes things more complicated when there is an accident – regardless of whether your vehicle has an anti collision system or not. In essence, what the no fault insurance and automobile liability carriers did was to transfer the burden of medical care to the health insurance company of the victim. So now, as opposed to having carriers such as Farmers, Met Life, State Farm, or Allstate provide for the medical care of the victim and for their expenses for rehabilitation, regardless of fault, that cost has now become the responsibility of insurance carriers such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, United Health, Kaiser, and the like.

Speaking of Liability

According to the DMV, when insurance companies deny or dispute the liability of the policyholder for the accident, the company is in reality saying that in their opinion, the owner of the policy is not at fault, and because of this, they will not be responsible for paying out any damages. Having an auto accident attorney on your case will assist you in providing them with the proof that they will require to show that yes, their policy holder was the one at fault.


Victims of a vehicular accident should never discuss their case with anyone unless they have gotten advice from an auto accident attorney. Right from the instant that you hire an attorney, he or she will essentially become your voice and will take care of any and all communication with the insurance company of the other driver, your insurance company, and anyone else who may have been involved in the accident.


The amount of compensation that you will be entitled to will depend to a significant extent on the severity and type of injuries you sustained. Many times, the insurance company that will be responsible for making sure that the victim is compensated will contest the amount of the medical expenses, pain, suffering, and other damages of the victim. Vehicular accident attorneys know how to correctly evaluate all of the medical documentation along with all of the other evidence to make sure that you will receive the proper amount of compensation.


Most of the time, car accidents can be settled through negotiations before they go to trial. Most victims of accidents do not have the experience that is necessary to negotiate this type of settlement. This could lead to the claim being over or under evaluated. This can then result in the victim not being compensated enough or the case never being settled and having to go to court. When you have an attorney on your side who has experience, you will be able to rest easy knowing that you have a proper negotiator fighting for your best interests.


Most car accident cases will be settled out of court. That being said, some of them do still go to trial. When this happens, you will need an attorney at your side to be the advocate for you in front of the jury and judge. Be assured that the insurance companies who are fighting you will have their team of attorneys there making sure that their interests are taken care of. You will need to make sure that you have an attorney who is looking out for you in the courtroom as well.

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