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Wikileaks, Nirvana, and the Net of Indra

In a post at the Atlantic today, Jaron Lanier offers to reframe the Wikileaks question. But what he does looks much more like the infamous mission statement of the National Review: to stand athwart history yelling �stop!�

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Are you doing the Boston Typewriter? Perhaps we're lucky that when it comes to marketing, viral video has its limits.

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In 2010, the EFF leveled up

In 2010, the Electronic Frontier Foundation fought copyright monopolies, walled-garden mobile phone formats, and privacy invasion in the social media, helping keep the Internet safe�even for 8-bit nostalgia. Video after the jump.

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Old-fashioned telephone handsets and film cameras: gadgets that redeem the present by way of obsolete technology.

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No Exit

A teenager who fell to his death from the wheel well of a Boston-bound airliner furnishes an example of a rarity in our time: a truly outrageous act.

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