Align Nipple For Correct CPR

Some people panic in the moment of life-threatening scenarios, such as the man sitting next to you in a diner going into cardiac arrest. Designer Ryan Helps has designed a CPR-PAD to assist those too incompetent and uncoordinated to give correct CPR. When in use, the monitor on the pad shows the correct way to push the chest and it ...

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Life Index Will Tell You How Long You Have Left

In the year 2154, biometrics might be so advanced that they will be able to tell us how long we have left to live based on data retrieved from our bodies. Or at least that’s the type of technological advancement that the creator of the Life Index is hoping for in the future. Envisioned by One & Co for the ...

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First Official iPhone Battery Pack Drops

Mophie must be ecstatic. As the first iPod/iPhone accessories manufacturer to nab the coveted “Works With iPhone” seal-of-approval, Mophie’s Juice Pack Battery Extender is likely to be the first sold in Apple stores and such. With an LED battery indicator on the back, similar to that found on Apple laptops, combined with long-ass battery life (24 hours of additional audio ...

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Lifetime Clock: Watch It As You Die

Most clocks, the ones that are based around seconds, minutes, and hours, can be watched for movement if you really need to waste some time of boredom, though we’ve seen clocks which are both much more fun, and more beautiful to look at than your average clock. The Lifetime Clock, on the other hand, is based on years. The movements ...

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Shower Curtain Calender Reminds You To Shower Tommorow

Personal hygiene is extremely important these days. The way you appear and smell is the making of a good or bad first impression. Though in order to make those first impressions, you have to know when you have meetings. Why not mix the two life tasks together? The Shower Curtain Calender reminds you of any upcoming events you have, so ...

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Create a vaccum seal to make wine stay longer

It is quite obvious that the winter holiday season is now gone. It would be wrong to say that it left just a quickly as it came, because the Christmas merchandise usually goes up for sale around October. So now that all of the holiday parties are over, what are you going to do with all of this extra food, ...

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