Alkaline Hydrolysis: Tearin’ Up Bodies Quicker Than A Chainsaw

Step aside, boring old-fashioned burials. Move along, air-polluting cremation. A new way of disposing (not preserving) the dead has been proposed for human beings. Previously reserved for animals, it’s called Alkaline Hydrolysis and it involves the dissolution of bodies in a highly concentrated compound. Then, the body is essentially pressure cooked until all that remains is a coffee-colored liquid. Delicious! ...

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Greenpix Zero Energy Wall Is Massively Colorful

Excitement is mounting about the Olympics in Beijing. Some pretty extravagant arrangements are being erected (LOLz, erect) to show off Beijing’s growing environmental friendliness. The Greenpix Zero Energy Wall stands at the Xicui entertainment complex near the site of the Olympic Games. The Greenpix wall uses a combination of the largest color LED display technology with a photovoltaic system, which ...

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Pedal-Powered Snowplow Is More Fun Than Shoveling

When we were kids we used to love when it snowed. We’d get a day off of school and get a full day of building forts and throwing ice balls at unsuspecting victims. But then we grew up, and realized we were not only expected to go to work on snowy days, but to also shovel the snow instead of ...

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A Little Help Dividing Recyclables The Right Way

Technically, our recyclables are supposed to be divided into metal, paper, plastic, and others. Usually they just wind up in a vaguely spaced pile which seems to be separated by a coincidence. The Barcode Trashcan allows you to simply scan your soon-to-be recycled items, at which point a built-in computer figures out what material that barcode corresponds to, and ejaculates ...

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FrozenCPU HyperCube YY Cube Case Is Green, Giant, But Not So Jolly

FrozenCPU has this spacious and cool looking PC case for sale, featuring large window space, LED glow, and of course, bio-hazard design logos. The company also gives you the option of pimping the case even more with other LED add-ons. The case is pretty large too, measuring 13.4″W x 17.3″D x 13.4″H for plenty of space for all of your ...

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An Eco-Bladder For Your Green Home

If you are one of those people who collects rainwater to save on utility output, you know that the barrels typically used are large and unsightly. This Eco-Sac, or as we have come to call it, Eco-Bladder, is a flexible eco-friendly rainwater storage unit. The Eco-Sac can fit nice and snug under a patio, deck, or floor and are made ...

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