Peel-and-Stick Solar Panels


I really don’t see what the big deal is about saving energy. At home, we just ignore our electric bill until the company sends us a letter crying about paying them money. We send them some cash, they’re happy and the virtuous cycle repeats. Of course, not every tree-hugging citizen would agree and that’s why technologies like wind-based power plants and solar energy panels exist; solely to please the masses.

Case in point: Lumeta’s Power-Ply 380. What sounds like a next-gen gaming console is actually a new type of solar panel that can be stuck onto rooftops like a giant sticker. It allows faster installation without sacrificing quality and can be tailored for most buildings. Though they lose about 5-percent of the energy they generate, each panel can produce up to 380 watts of power. That means big savings for those who can afford solar panel installation on their domicile.

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