Nintendo 2DS, The Next Handheld Gaming System!

Nintendo 2DS

If you prefer to manage your gaming on the go with a handheld gaming system then Nintendo has some news that will make your day. According to a recent release, Nintendo will be launching their next handheld gaming system, the 2DS, on October 12.

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More Details on Project Spark From GamesCom!

Project Spark

Officially mentioned at E3, the Project Spark game builder piqued our interest but with more details being released from Gamescom 2013. Gamescom brought plenty of details on the game creation project and let future game designers see just what they would be looking at when the project is released. Take a look at some of the highlights from the Project Spark Gamescom presentation.

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The XBox One Dashboard – A Sneak Peek

XBox One Dashboard

Earlier today we shared a video taken at Gamescom 2013 of the PS4 dashboard. Well, now we have another sneak peek at what you can expect from the XBox One. Engadget team members had the opportunity to sit down with the XBox / Microsoft team at Gamescom 2013 and get a tour of the XBox One dashboard.

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What The PS4 Dashboard Will Look Like


At the Sony Gamescom 2013 presentation, Mr. Yoshida gave a live tour through the PS4 dashboard. The three minute tour is available on YouTube and is embedded above to give you a look at what you may have missed out on if you didn't make it to Gamescom.

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Gamescom 2013 Is Upon Us!

Gamescom 2013

If you are like us then you are quite possibly already looking for updates from Cologne, Germany on Gamescom 2013 because, ladies and gents, the time is upon us! There is sure to be plenty of news bombarding the gaming market in coming days but one piece of news we are particularly anxious about is a release date on the PS4.

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Get Your 12GB Playstation 3 Online Now For $200

12GB Playstation 3

Sony has released their "Europe and Hong Kong only" 12GB Playstation 3 online in its US store. What does this release mean? Well it means that if you're looking for a more affordable albeit low memory version of the PS3 then you're in luck.

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