5 App Tech Lessons We Can Learn From Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go took the world by a storm this year. The success of the app was so massive and effective it managed to get hardcore gamers out on the street. There are plenty of things marketers, businesses, and security experts can learn from the game. Here are five of those things: One has to be Ready for Success Despite its ...

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Pelé: Soccer Legend on the Web

Poki Publishing and Cosi Games just launched Pelé: Soccer Legend to the masses. The aptly titled arcade sports game boasts impressive 3D graphics and highly addictive gameplay. Pelé: Soccer Legend is designed for soccer fans and novices alike, delivering fun to all ages. Developed by Cosi Games, Pelé: Soccer Legend was previously available exclusively on mobile devices. Thanks to the ...

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The Mad Mathematician

The game of bingo which is enjoyed world over today owes a very big jackpot to the brains behind the numbers, Carl Leffler. The man who brought bingo to America was the humble toy maker, Edwin S. Lowe. Travelling through a carnival in Atlanta, he chanced upon a group of people playing an early version of Beano which was hosted ...

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A Look at The Top 2016 Trends For Gaming and More

If you like online gaming – regardless of the kinds of games you’re into – then you may be wondering what’s in store for the future and what you should be looking into. Making predictions is never easy, but when you take a look at all that’s happening in the exciting world of online entertainment, it should come as no ...

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Texas Hold’em And Other Games You Can Play Online Now For Free

Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a world where if it’s raining, there’s no need to venture outside in search of entertainment? We think so! Nowadays you can play most games online for free, whether that be Texas hold’em, arguably the most popular variant of poker, first player shooter, or real time strategy games. Today we run through some ...

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Game of Phones – The Rise of Gamification in Sales

How often have you been at work and wished you were having fun instead? More times than you can remember. Perhaps playing a game or two is on your list of ways to have fun after hours? This pretty obvious fact of work life is driving tech innovators to rethink the way sales teams are motivated. The inspiration to incorporate ...

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Six Reasons Gaming is Good for You


Gaming hasn’t always had the best reputation. There are certain stereotypes about players, and a common criticism is that you could spend your time doing something more productive. While this might be technically true, nobody argues that time spent relaxing, reducing stress and engaging in a fun hobby are wasteful activities. For most gamers, though, that’s exactly what gaming is. ...

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Real Money Online Casino Games App

Gambling apps

The opportunity to enjoy a real money online casino games app is exciting for a lot of people, who are interested in the ability to play all of the games that they want in literally all locations. With the new Real Money online casino games app options, this is going to be easier for people regardless of their preferred devices ...

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VR Is The Next Step At Online Casino Games

Virtual Reality technology holds lots of exciting things to the future online casino. Even though this technology has been around for quite some time in other industries including the medical field, fashion, and engineering, this time it is taking the world of online casinos by storm, thanks to the quality and excitement that is poised to bring to those who ...

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Pokémon Go Players Can Now Take Out Free Accident Insurance

The Pokémon Go craze is here to stay. With many public figures urging consumers to dial back their involvement in the game, one company wants to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your Pokémon journey. The primary issue faced by Pokémon trainers is where they can find these monsters. We’ve seen videos of a crew of hungry ...

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