The Cammegh Roulette Captures Imagination

The manufacturer of the world’s finest roulette wheels is Cammegh. This year at ICE London, Cammegh brought its stunning video wall to display the company’s range of casino gaming products. The company showcased new and updated products. This year Cammegh turned 30 years of existence in the industry.

Headline Product: Mercury 360 Roulette Wheel


This years headline product at ICE London was the Mercury 360 RRS wheel, featuring Cammegh’s Random Rotor Speed technology, the RRS. The RRS is similar to RNG, Random Number Generator. The conversation between the operators was a high one. Cammegh confirms that more and more operators are requesting the roulette wheel, because they were able to see the extraordinary merit in the product.

Andrew Cammegh said that the new roulette wheel has the ability to gain advantage through wearable technology. In addition, a growing number of operators are embracing the protection the Mercury 360 offers. The company is committed to hard-craft elegance, interwoven with cutting-edge technology. Cammegh had brought through its booth its pin-sharp Billboard Displays and versatile Billboard controllers at ICE London.

The displays were available in 23”, 27” and 32”, and they could be oriented in portrait or landscape. The displays included a variety of finishes to complement the operator’s environment. The Billboard controlled is an exquisite tool. Each image presented on display were an image of unity, affording towards the visitors a peace of mind.

At ICE London 2019, Cammegh was able to display a range of their table games. The favourites were in the categories of Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack. The roulette games of Cammegh, allows the players to target a section of the wheel they choose to target.

At the Cammegh booth, a Mini Wheel was also available and could be viewed by the visitors. The Mini Wheel is ideally suited for EGT stadium installations and online studios. The game delivers up to 120 games per hour in comparison to a full wheel’s 70 games per hour. This is made possible, because of its tight curvature of the racetrack. The mini roulette reduces the velocity of the ball, causing the ball to drop faster.

From Mini Wheel to Big Wheel 

Cammegh was also able to showcase the Big Wheel at ICE London. The wheel is an impressive feat of engineering, because the wheel can automatically play a game every 30 seconds. The roulette can be easily customised to suit the desired game patterns, the wheel can be placed at any casino entrance or football areas. It doesn’t need a floor space like conventional roulette tables.

Andrew Cammegh believes that the year 2019 will be a good year for the Mercury 360. The wheels, both mini and big receives good rates because of their RRS technology. This year also marks 30 years of existence for Cammegh. For now, Cammegh Mercury 360 RRS Roulette is the world’s finest roulette wheel and displays. 

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