Modern v ‘Old Skl’ Footballers


It’s a debate that continues to rage fiercely throughout the football world with neither side willing to back down. The question of whether past greats of the game would be able to hold their own and be as successful in the modern era is a contentious and divisive one. Despite the divisions however, one thing that the majority on both sides can agree on is the dramatic improvement in fitness, nutrition and preparation that is evident in the modern game. As Chris Nathaniel, a football agent at NVA Entertainment describes, “everything they do on and off the football field is well taken care of right from a nutritionist, extra training and anything they need to develop their talent”. This level of player care and management is a far cry from the ‘60s when stretching was viewed as “nambypamby” by the England team under Sir Alf Ramsay and many declined to take part in warm-ups because they felt it tired them out too much for the game.

It is therefore unsurprising that the latest findings in sports science and physiotherapy generally support the argument that players’ fitness, strength and health have improved dramatically in recent years. The question remains however, has this increased fitness and speed made them better players. Many former greats argue that the current crop would not be able to handle the physically tough nature of the game of yesteryear. They might point to young players diving and shying away from tackles and question whether they would have been able to hold their own in the days of Terry Butcher and Vinnie Jones. Many former players also suggest that in comparison to the wrapping of modern players in cotton wool, it was commonplace only a few years ago for players to play with injuries and just get on with it.

Whilst this argument may look like a strong one at first given the performances of some current players, recent research has shown that not only do modern players cover more ground and at greater speed than their predecessors, they are also physically healthier and stronger due to the increased importance of nutrition science. Long gone are the days when players would, “always eat a steak before the game”. It is for these reasons that except for a few former greats, the majority would not be able to keep up with the professional nature of today’s game.

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