Emerging Tech

An Eco-Bladder For Your Green Home

If you are one of those people who collects rainwater to save on utility output, you know that the barrels typically used are large and unsightly. This Eco-Sac, or as we have come to call it, Eco-Bladder, is a flexible eco-friendly rainwater storage unit. The Eco-Sac can fit nice and snug under a patio, deck, or floor and are made ...

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Recycled Chiquita Chandelier Attracts Monkeys

Mmm, we love ourselves a nice banana. Most of us primates do. We don’t know if we could eat enough to make an entire chandelier of the packaging (instead of with the actual product like with the Bic Pen Chandelier), but maybe we should consider it. Using only cut outs from recycled crates of Chiquita bananas, this chandelier blocks most ...

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Honda PUYO Concept Gets All Soft On Us

Honda showed off one of their newest concepts at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda PUYO not only has a very blocky and interesting design, but what makes up the car is even more intriguing. The frame is made up of a gel-like soft body which is said to increase the safeness of the car. The PUYO, powered by ...

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