Pumpin’: CO2 Emission Tracker For Your Bike

So, it’s “Bike To Work” day in Japan on June 11th. I was under the impression that most workers in Japan already biked to work due to an insane population on such a tiny island. I guess not, because surely enough, it’s going on while I type this.

The crew over at Treehugger.com have brought to my attention Bridgestone’s new bike gadget: The “emeter,” is a meter which can be used to record the number of kilometers cycled in one day. It doesn’t end there however; it also records the total CO2 savings made versus car travel for the same distance.� Not only do you get great exercise from cycling, but your emeter tells you how many pounds you’re shedding as well as how much CO2 you’re conserving by staying away from your automobile.
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