The USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

USB And Micro USB Flash Drive

When it comes to gadgets that we just can't live without flash drives have to top the list every single time because...well, do you remember life before flash drives? Exactly. Well, things just got a little more exciting!

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The 200GB SkyDrive Storage Upgrade From Microsoft


Yesterday Microsoft announced that they will be making an option for 200GB of storage available for SkyDrive storage users. SkyDrive which now comes as a built in feature in the Windows 8.1, is now being offered with a 200 GB option for just $100 per year. Compared to Google and Dropbox, SkyDrive has the lowest priced offering for such significant storage.

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Can Website Hosting Be Made Idiot Proof?


A question that will leave most tech-heads shaking their heads in unison - can website hosting be made idiot proof? Well Brace is trying. Brace is a new service that utilizes Dropbox to organize and sync files to personal websites. Theoretically this means that people who don't understand the "complexities" of FTP and the like, can now utilize a drag and drop system to manage their files and styles.

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The Z3000 Bay Trail Chips From Intel

Intel Bay Trail chips

Intel has made news today with the announcement of the Bay Trail chips which boast 2X CPU and 3X GPU performance for tablets and hybrids.The Intel Bay Trail chip has been named successor to the Clover Trail chip and it's being said that the new chips based on 22nm silvermont architecture can deliver up to 3x CPU and up to 2x GPU performance.

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Bitdefender Offers An Antivirus Program for Mac Users

Bitdefender For Mac

If you are a Mac owner you may boast once in a while about the sheer volume of viruses PC's are subject to in comparison to Macs. That said though, there are certain issues with Macs that can be prevented with the use of a good anti-virus software. Enter the newest product from BitDefender - Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac.

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