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The 21st century is better known as the Age of Technology due to the drastic and rapid growth of the online Internet community all over the world. With billions of users accessing information, storing them on multiple owned devices a back-up for an added security is always needed. For such large information storage online back-ups are one of the most resourceful ways and Cloud Storage has become increasingly popular over the years among all the recipients of the Internet today. Cloud Storage is a traditional method of storing digital information in a pool of storage known as the Cloud. The storages can be logical pools, physical storage spans multiple servers and the environment is typically owned and secured by a hosting service or a company. Applications available include small desktop application to backup all computers registered under the user to the cloud. The good and quality application uses the functions to back up the storage regularly and provide accessibility from anywhere and any place of the world.

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How it Works

Just Cloud is one of the most popular Cloud Storages in the market including an entire package suitable for users and people of all kinds and from different backgrounds. It is one of the best applications in the market. Providing secure cloud storage, automatic back-ups, syncing to multiple computers and accessibility from any place in the world, it has become one of the best choices among users. With the easy steps to choose the files like pictures, videos, written documents upload on the cloud storage and then it will be accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Review

The features included are all time and 100% free account availability, unlimited file sharing, bank-grade encryption for the security of the data, full computer restore, drag and drop options available, able to locate a lost laptop, unlimited storage of videos , music and information. The application makes security and protection of file as one of its top priorities. Users can be rest assured that their data will be safe from the eye of hackers and their personal information not shared by the service or any other third party. The ease of use is one of its best features and the reason for its popularity.

The Two Leading Contenders

Just Cloud and Dropbox are the two leading contenders in the market in the field of cloud storage. While the first application empowers its users to sync all registered devices under one user account, supports file sharing and accessibility though phones and provide a high-level encryption for the protection of its data. Dropbox uses features where files can be synced from multiple devices at the same time, support relatively large number of devices, have advanced mobility features and provide security techniques of SSL. The size of Dropbox, however limits up to 2 GB which might be appropriate for users using it for personal needs but for companies and parties storing data of a bigger amount an alternate account needs to be created from scratch.

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