Firefox 3.0 alpha “Gran Paradiso” already available for download

Shouldn’t Mozilla be spending their time fine tuning Firefox 2.0 before letting outlandish future projects get in the way? Of course they should, but in today’s lightining speed internet world, the name of the game is more, more, faster, more productive, more, more. So for those who love getting their hands on early software, here’s a little 3.0 goodness to ...

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Reuters teams with Yahoo for user submitted news photos

It’s how Peter Parker made a living after discovering his secret Spiderman powers, and now Yahoo and Reuters want to pay you to take pictures of breaking news stories. Yahoo and Reuters have recently partnered up to create a service they are calling “You Witness”. This service runs off of the premise that nearly everyone has a camera on their ...

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eBoy Tech Wall Poster, Spice Up Your Stucco

Perhaps the most accurate depiction of the internet ever? This poster is one hot piece of wall decoration. Nothing can support your inner geekiness more then a wall poster featuring all of the big names in the corporate internet world. Our personal favorite is the neon Foo Bar sign in the lower right corner. Wonder if they serve a smooth ...

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