Spock’s Spacesuit for sale on eBay


Star Trek fans will be happy to know that the original Star Trek movie’s Spock Spacesuit is up for grabs on eBay. The spacesuit was featured prominently in the Star Trek first movie when Spock leaves the “Enterprise” to perform a mindmeld with the “V’Ger Probe”. The suit itself has a interesting display of ridges and rivets over the knees, elbows, chest, and waste on the orange, brown and white fabric. And it’s pack full of sci-fi nostalgic fandom. The costume is not in perfect condition as over the years of its long storage, the orange coloring has bled some into the white fabric and padding has collected at the ankles and cuffs. But is anyone really planning on actually wearing it? Wait…this is Star Trek fans we’re talking about. — Andrew Dobrow

Spock’s Spacesuit Auction [eBay, via Spluch]

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