Built-In Keyboard Pants: Type Away On Your Crotch


When your sitting situation calls for you to adjust your body in an awkward position, typing on a laptop becomes next to impossible to do with any sort of practicality. “So what, Andrew? Couldn’t I just move?” But why move when we live in a time where moving isn’t needed! The Keyboard Pants are a testament to the inherent laziness of the geek in us all.

Using Bluetooth technology, the pants provide a keyboard right on your crotch region, giving you an excuse to “adjust” yourself whenever you feel the need. The pants even include speakers on the knees. Oh, what was I doing just then? Well, ahem, I was just rearranging my keyboard.


Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Just don’t get caught out in the rain in these multi-tasking enablers.

  2. Hopefully they’re waterproof.

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