Brother Gets Sweet, Sweet Revenge on Sister By Posting Hook-Up List on Facebook

So, here’s the deal. Chris sounds like a pretty cool kid, if not a little bit of a dick. Apparently his sister Katie told their parents that Chris was hiding a 12 pack of booze in his room. His parents, being typically strict Asian parents, grounded Chris for three months.

For revenge, Chris went searching through Katie’s room for some dirt. And he found a doozy. Katie had composed a list of fellow students she was planning on hooking up with, with all of the dirty details intact. Chris posted this list on Facebook, tagging all of the guys listed. Hilarity ensued. Revenge is a bitch, but so is this guy’s sister. She had it comin’. Hit the jump for the full post.

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  1. That is the best revenge ever except this girls going to be scarred forever and needs some intense therapy or become a nun.

  2. While that is a huge dick move on his part, and Britney is right, he shouldn’t have had beer in his room…

    WHO WRITES THAT SHIT DOWN? Like, i hate to be a bitch too, but fuck. She deserves it for being retarded enough to write it down and then give her brother reason for go through her shit. Maybe they are step siblings or something and she’s not used to having siblings. lol

  3. DEADLINE?? Jesus… a DEADLINE for 10 hookups?? In 4 months??

    I think he has every right to do this. She RATTED her own brother out, the filthy RAT. She had this coming, and clearly thought she was queen of the world to think she was this untouchable.

    Dont take 3 months away from a high school student – lesson learned.

  4. I thinks this is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This kid is a hero. He ranks right up there with Superman, Batman, and Airplane Pilot Captain Sully ! ! ! !

    GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. ! ! !

    oh and the sister is a whore !

  6. This is funny, but I think he will regret this.

    His sister will probably never forgive him for it and in later life he will regret having no relationship with her. Also, if he’s any kind of decent human being, he will deeply deeply regret the MASSIVE pain he caused her in what’s supposed to be the best years of your life.

  7. tom i think you’re thinking to far ahead. this is hilarious!!!!

  8. I just laughed about this for 30 minutes. Oh to be young and stupid again.

  9. She TOTALLY had it coming. The brother might be a dick, but who the hell makes a list like that and expects it to NEVER be found? What if it had been her parent’s who found it. I feel sorry for that girl’s dad 😛

  10. She’ll just escalate the revenge. This should be good. *pops popcorn*

  11. Tom,

    Grow some balls.

  12. My question is, how old are these kids? This chick’s list looks like something a fourth grader would write. Seriously.

  13. This is beautiful!!

  14. WOW! That’s why you never mess with conniving little asshole brothers who like to drink beer underage! ahahahahaha!

  15. WilliamHung She Bangs!

    The brother is correct, she is a whore. Anyone who needs to make a list of the guys she wants to hook-up with, then sets a deadline, is hooking up entirely too much. If you can’t keep them straight in your head, maybe you should give a little less head.

  16. how do i get on this list?

  17. Tom is a pussy

  18. Mouse Albert, judging by the number of people on this list, just live in her area and don’t be horrifyingly ugly.

  19. I want to be Brett

    I wish I went to Katie’s school!

  20. …sorry for her Dad? lol that’s retarded.
    I’m sorry for HER when she catches an STD for being a cheap whore

  21. “by Tom � January 7, 2010 12:59pm

    This is funny, but I think he will regret this.

    His sister will probably never forgive him for it and in later life he will regret having no relationship with her. Also, if he�s any kind of decent human being, he will deeply deeply regret the MASSIVE pain he caused her in what�s supposed to be the best years of your life.”

    Seriously Tom? how old are you? 80?
    She had it coming for being a bitch, a whore, and being ridiculously retarded.

  22. I could use some head right about now, anyone have this girl’s phone number???…LMAO!!!!

  23. This is beautiful. Siblings are supposed to be rivals to toughen them up for the world. But this his bitch sister just likes tattling. He probably didn’t say why, but if she did it just to be a bitch then she deserves this kinda humiliation. Too bad I’m not on the list.

  24. This is some of the funniest shit I have ever read.. This kid won’t regret it, his sister is a bitch for ratting him out big deal, he drinks beer and you suck dick.. get over it.. next time shut your hole.. Oh that is apparently a problem that you have a list for LOL!!!

  25. TO: by TomP � January 8, 2010 12:52pm:
    just proves the point that if a girl did something stupid – its ok.
    but if a guy does something – its the end of the world, and she would never forgives him for that – FUCK THAT BITCH she had it coming – lesson learned … don’t knock on some one – especially your friends (relatives)
    stupid bitch she 100% deserves it !

  26. Their parents have probably stabbed themselves with great sabers!

  27. This is hysterical.

    It’s also a good look at the complete absence of privacy in the online generation.

    As for the boy, well, he got caught, he got grounded. Simple. A cop / friend once told me that the easiest way to not get a speeding ticket is to not speed.

    The sister ratted him out… in the real world, snitches get stitches. She painted the bullseye on her forehead by ratting out her brother. Obviously he had time to plot his revenge; she should have kept a cleaner house rather than (probably) flaunt how she could leave while he was grounded. She has learned a lesson that will serve her well in her life: mind your own damn business.

  28. For the benefit of everyone here over the age of 15 (most of you judging by the liberal use of capital letters and spelling):

    V-card = Virginity.

  29. This is the reason Facebook was created Fucking Awesome

    p.s. tom is a bitch

  30. This is something that will haunt you for far longer than 2 1/2 months. You are doing something TOO horrible. I know you are young and can’t understand the consequences this will have, but you are ruining your sisters life. TAKE THIS DOWN!!! You will regret this. Maybe not now, but eventually.

  31. damn… that girl is nasty.
    this is some funny shit

  32. haha I loved it, My sister had done the opposite. She had posted my to-“do” list on my parents bedroom door.
    It was the most painful experience while growing up. Now I have a lot of to-“dos” but I dont write them down. Dave Peck Myspace

  33. This kid is my hero.

    Karma is a bitch isn’t it… Hahahahahaha.

  34. This is some really really funny shit, I think we all got fukin drunk underage, I think u fuck up sista and now u payin fo it but u payin fo it rough girl…. hope u learn from this even though that was some heavy come back shit….. fo real

  35. obviously this is fake….

  36. Scott Buttermilk

    When i found out my brother ratted me out for drinking and ratting my friends brother who bought us the beer. I didnt really get punished but i punched my brother in the face while he was sleeping.
    I can feel sorry for a girl who got some personal shit like that posted up on the internet
    but i can not feel sorry for this girl.
    the bitch ratted out her brother (probably for no reason other than the fact that she is a bitch)
    and caused him to lose 3 months of his life.
    she deserves every ounce of sadness and embarassment

  37. The sister’s a bitch, but that shit will stay with his sister longer. If guys want to get laid in high school they need to stop attacking girls who actually like having sex. Women have enough issues with double standards and this shit enforces that and makes it harder for everyone to get laid.

  38. I’ll bet the parents ground her for even longer than Chris. He is probably thinking 3 months is not so bad at this point. While I agree this was probably a little drastic of a come-back, it’s pretty funny. That girl is pretty stupid for thinking her brother wasn’t going to get even with her and making a list like that, we’ll that’s beyond stupid. Maybe she’ll get smart and stop screwing around so much. As for Chris, he probably should say he’s sorry some day when they are in their 30s when she starts talking to him again. This was a good laugh.

  39. Vero, shut the fuck up. Who the hell are you to tell him how to run his life?


  40. Talk about shock and awe. Jesus Christ. I love Artnerd’s comment. If that isn’t plain and simple logic, I don’t know what is.

  41. AMEN to ARTNERD, but I have a feeling the the openness of the internet will be a good thing for the younger people and older people for MANY reasons — sex (which we all enjoy) being just one of them. It’s all about connecting people and open communication.

  42. After she gives out HJ, BJ, TITTY BANG (her words!) and her V-card, the only thing left will be the A-card.

    I want it. I will have it. I will make her wince in pain as I lube her with spit, but by the end she will gape and as I pump her brown eye full of my ball snot she will moan with lust and pleasure.

    -Rocco Siffredi

  43. Wonder why there is no response from Russell….or if he thought it was awesome too…or if he’s rinsing with bleach and wondering WHY ?!?

  44. Wow. Kids sure do get their kicks on earlier these days, huh? I must’ve been living in a cave, since I was clueless in the ways of sex until I graduated high school… and definitely didn’t maintain a list of guys I wanted to get it on with!

    But perhaps different strokes, different folks? Haha… that’s what she said!

  45. As much as the girl might be a bitch for ratting out her brother, I don’t think the punishment of being grounded for 3 months is in ANY WAY equal to the embarrassment and the damage to her self-esteem this will cause her. Just because she had this all written down (which, yes, that’s pretty messed up) doesn’t mean she deserves to have it posted for all to see.

    I’m all for revenge – I’m 23 and have a 21-year-old brother, and there have been plenty of situations where snitching occurred and revenge was had. I just think this kid took it a few steps too far. 3 months of being grounded isn’t equal to severe public humiliation, sorry.

  46. Hey, all is fair in sibling rivalry

  47. How old is this chick?

  48. so many guys here are such misoginists – Artnerd is right. you’ll call her a whore, but you’ll bang her. Double standards. illeducated little boys. hooray for a chick with a healthy sexual appetite – or are only men allowed that, are we back in the 19thcentury? and all your tittering and tsking, grow the fuck up… its a funny revenge story, quit your moralising.
    she was too young to realise the variables in revenge, she’ll learn to protect herself better.
    too young to realise the axiom – never write it down!
    we all learn. she’s forced a lesson upon herself.
    hopefully she’ll also have the character to shrug the lamoids off and mature into a full tilt power chick who eats small minded loosers for breakfast. Actually i can see it now. and you’ll be on minimum wage still yelling out ‘whore’ to women who are way more competent than you.
    Rocco, you are, without doubt, the epitome of a man who is terrified of womens’ sexual power, you silly silly silly little willy. i should introduce you to some friends who’d be more than happy to show you the same fun night out as you’ld like to show Katie.

  49. @ Brian 28: well said man!!…wonder wat the parents would be doing…

    @Steph 46: im 24 am still a virgin…this gal just put me to shame!!!

    I think what the boy did is justified!…im a gal and i dont think being sexually active to that extent is healthy in the first being grounded she gets the painful lesson to mind her own business next time and stop fooling around to prevent the spread of HIV..

  50. best ever…

  51. HAHAHAHA!!! I have an older brother that I ratted on ALL the time in High School and he would go out of his way to get back at me and make my life hell.
    As bad as it would get between us (although this shit never happened, and I was NEVER stupid enough to leave “dirty laundry” laying around) we laugh about all the crap now.
    This is hilarious.. plain and simple. What a fucking slut. She deserves it. And 3 months for having a 12 pack in your bedroom? WHY would his sister rat him out for that anyways? Drinking underage must be way worse than BJ’s, HJ’s, titty banging, etc. I want to know what happened to her after her parents found out.
    Those guys are probably mortified worse than the girl. It never says what the girl looks like.. and those guys that she had already messed around with were probably stupid drunk… Hey Brian— Don’t cut your hair… she’s coming for you!!

  52. Ha, Ha, Ha… This is fantastic!!!!!!!

  53. @nicki: You are hurting, not helping your own case. First of all, illeducated is NOT a word, I believe you meant uneducated. You would also be well-advised to learn how to spell the insults you’re slinging around (it’s spelled misogynists). Finally learn how to type a coherent statement, I would be embarrassed for you if not for the fact that you made the choice to look foolish.

    Hell, I don’t even entirely disagree with your assessment of things, it’s just that you’ve made yourself sound like a moronic cretin through your post.

  54. This is just too funny. Right on Chris. She’ll think twice before ratting you out again !!!!

  55. Why so judgmental, folks? Sure, this list suggests Katie doesn�t have the most mature approach to her sex life, but �slut� �whore� �idiot� �bitch��? That�s a lot of stones to throw at some kid just for exploring sex her own way.

    If this were simply a crush list, you�d feel sorry for this girl, right? Somehow the sexual element seems to give people permission to castigate Katie incredibly harshly. Why is that?

  56. Erin, shut the fuck up you pussy. If this were a crush list it wouldn’t have descriptions of sucking dicks and giving away v-cards on it.

    Sexual fantasies are meant to be kept to yourself, MAYBE mentioned to your friends over a pile of drugs, but never written down.

    The “sexual element” is private and taboo, which is not only COMMON SENSE to keep to yourself (by that I mean in your own head and NOT in a diary or fuck-list) but also looked also looked down upon. Unless your living in a horehouse or the playboy mansion, list about increasing the STD’s in your community are not cool.

  57. @Phil: There are quite a few females who keep a sort of diary like this.

    The only thing I see wrong with this would be if she’s just using the boys for sexual experience; seems that way, and if she’s not using protection. I do find it a bit “slutty” for girls to do this, but I think that way for any gender. A whore is a whore in my book; man or woman. Some people see sex differently and as long as she’s being safe, then I guess that’s better than nothing.

    I don’t think she deserved this, though I do have a certain distaste for her ratting out her brother, he should’ve just shown his parents. This could’ve been dealt with privately and in the confines of their home rather than with the world.

  58. Has anyone considered that her brother faked this letter? I mean, she’s hasn’t denied yet, only asked him to take it down, but what is the likelihood of someone being stupid enough to write this down, not to mention Saul’s comment (which I agree with) about it looking like something a fourth grader would write. Not to spoil everyone’s fun, but it just occurred to me it might be a possibility. If he did fake it, that little brother is a bit of a f**ker. A creative f**ker, but a f**ker nonetheless.

  59. Whoah Phil, what kinds of drugs were those exactly? Heaven forbid I express an alternative point of view.

    I understand people have concerns with this kind of behavior, but I don�t understand the separate criticism of this girl for privately writing about it. (I didn�t know that many women keep these diaries � that�s interesting, Alyssa). It seems pretty big brother-ish to judge someone based on the topics they include in their diary.

    STDs are a concern with all kinds of sexual activities, but there are safe and responsible options. Seems like your invoking STDs simply to justify your stance.

  60. Se fosse stata mia sorella l’avrei uccisa, perch� � una troia

  61. Sooo fake. If you look at the picture you can see that at the top it says “Chris’s photos” and “Chris’s profile” yet under comments each has a delete button.

    Obviously the thing was edited. Otherwise it would not appear like that, try going to one of your albums and see what it says. It will refer to the person as “My” instead of the name.

    Maybe the list is real somewhere, but he never placed it on facebook. Like I said, this is so faked.

  62. Again Erin, your a pussy. Not because your expressing an “alternate point of view”, but because your asking questions like “what kinds of drugs are those?” or “Why so judgmental folks?” or “Why does my vagina smell bad?” and your not REALLY expressing an alternate point of view. Also your a retard.

    Let me break it down for you:
    “Bitch” = characterize someone who is belligerent and unreasonable, or displays rudely intrusive or aggressive behavior.
    I’d say ratting out your brother for having beer, which is SOO fucking lame but I dont expect you to understand that pussy, while Chris didn’t deserve to be ratted on (based on the info we have available about the situation) is a pretty unreasonable and intrusive thing to do.

    “Idiot” = a mentally deficient person
    She made this list available to anyone with a pair of eyes and a general knowledge of where she keeps shit. This idiot is lacking mental strength.

    “Whore” = A person considered sexually promiscuous.2. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.
    The first part goes without saying, and the second part is satisfied by her personally trying to gain sexual experience. You’ve possibly been the victim of a whore in the past, but I don’t you have much to offer to a whore.

    “Slut” =a person who lacks the ability or chooses not to exercise a power of discernment to order their affairs.
    She did make a list which expresses “discernment to order their affairs”. She gave herself deadlines and everything SO I’ll give you that one.

    Why is she being castimagated harshly? Because she allowed her dicksucking list to be found like a “whore” “slut” “idiot” “bitch”.

    I do agree with Alyssa that this could have been handled in house instead of going public, but then again Rod Blagojevich’s whole “trying to sell his seat on the senate” situation could have been kept private too. Ooopps! Someone weaked it!! Thats what happens when you fuck over people more ruthless than you are: They fuck you over.

    And Why does your vagina stink? Because you don’t clean it properly probably. Gross.

    STD’s are always prevalent when whores are running about. You don’t have to worry about this because your probably not getting much, which might have something to do with your stinking pussy problem.

    This was a good talk.

  63. Damn! Where was this girl when I was 16?

  64. seriously, not only would i have posted that on facebook, i would have copied it and used it as black mail..but kids that young dont think that far ahead,, shit, better yet,, he should have just dropped a copy on the parents kitchen table..

    and what whore..omg,,v cards,,dp,,dick sucking..she like 14 or so.. if i found out my daughter was doing shit like that at that age,, she prolly wouldnt leave the house again untill she was 21…wow,, very similar to my x, and how she was when she was 14,,,

    ohh, and TOM, your a pussy,,grow up,, will ya…


  65. are my motherfuking hero!
    I salute you my friend.

  66. Let this be a lesson for all sisters.

  67. this is fake, no girl writes “titty bang”. and the names chris and katie are so middle of the road that must have been chosen by who ever made this up to seem real.

    but good job at fooling everyone

  68. Tom will never make the list! Puck you, Tom!

  69. Phil McKunt, you are a silly person but you are hilarious. Long, but worth it.

  70. @Lindsey

    January 15, 2010 10:31am

    Sooo fake. If you look at the picture you can see that at the top it says �Chris�s photos� and �Chris�s profile� yet under comments each has a delete button.

    Considering that this is an uploaded picture, we don’t know if it was taken whilst on Chris’s profile. This could just be a screenshot of one of Chris’s friends, who happened to go onto Chris’s profile, found the picture, took a screen-shot, photo-shopped and blurred the names out, and then uploaded.

    but that’s just my guess. I don’t doubt that it could be fake, but regardless, I’d like to believe it’s real because IT IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! HAHAHAHA omfg, my friend showed me the link to this…and I was like HOOOEEEYYY WHAT A DOUCHE, BUT YET, SO FUCKING FUNNYY…KUDOS CHRIS, KUDOS!

  71. I think this could be fake also, but what kind of brother WANTS their sister to be known as the school whore? I have a younger brother and we used to find any reason to fight, but when it came down to it, we both wanted each other to be cool and popular so that we wouldn’t be embarrassed about having a weird freak sibling! And now we are actually very very close.

    Chris is dumb, now he can feel ashamed of his sister and self, by the fact that he is associated with her by name.

  72. Just letting people know in some places girls use V-card to just mean straight up plain sex. Doesn’t have to be virginity, depends on the area. I’ve heard people use it both ways, more often men use V-card as virginity like “I’ve handed over/lost my V-card”. Figure it also makes more sense that way considering a to do list with her losing her virginity more than once apparently doesn’t make sense.

    Also, yeah, I loled but that girl bitch or not is spending the rest of her school life with a terrible rep, prob. more so than she deserves, a ton of girls think like that, just not all as stupid to write it all down… Anyone else find the hearts a little weird? for who’s benefit are those?


  74. Yeah…as a girl who’s made mental lists of the dudes she was hot for…you are to NEVER have proof of this potential humiliation for someone to find. It shouldn’t have existed. If her parents are really Asian and they truly loved her, they’d send her far far away. Like the Gobi desert to live with the llamas.

  75. I can tell there are a lot of immature little boys reading this post just by reading the comments. Grow up, boys. Girls have sex too. We think about sex. We talk about sex. We write about sex in our journals, etc. This girl is not a whore for having sexual desires or for writing them down.

  76. You are right, she is not a whore for mqaking a list, But she is a fucking bitch for telling her parents about the booze. I take my hat for Chris, puting it on facebook, and tagging everybody on the list, great way to get revenge. And as a guy, I always had sexual fantasies with a lot of women, but I wouldn’t be so dumb like to have it listed!!!


  78. She could have wrote it up to get him even with her. So she wrote it so he wouldn’t blame her for narcing her off. And then hid it. Making it look real. He now will live in a possible guilt trip. If she plays her cards right. Isn’t that what females do. Make you think you hurt them for their guilt trip. He’s walking around thinking he got even. And she’s playing it around him. She whooped his monkeys twice. And you are all believing it. Can’t wait to see what her profession will be. Psychiatrist? Or Club owner.

  79. Way too funny! I’d say this girl will think twice before ratting her brother out again!

  80. lllloooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll go suck as much dicks as you like!! loooooool

  81. That’s funny as SHIT! She had it “Cumming” XD


  83. Wow If I was Chris, I don’t think I would’ve gone so far and post it on fb. I would’ve definitely gave it to the parents though. Most likely made copies for future blackmail…

  84. most of you a immature,do you not realise that teen sucide is at a high rate!
    what her brother did is not genius or funny it’s sad and pathetic.
    how funny will it be if this poor girl took her own life due to the humility that she is left with for the rest of her life!!!
    so whilst you can make jokes and call her horrible names think about it , if this was your sister how would you feel if she took her own life because of something like this.
    grow up get a life you morons!

  85. I love facebook as well. for this reasonnn

  86. OMFG hahahhahahhahahahhaha

    tnx.. this make my day more happier haha

  87. Yet another Tom again

    The comments are just as good as the story! (Made up or not)

    She was a cunt for ratting his beer secret to the parents. They found the beer proof was there and grounded him for 3 months!
    If he then shows the list to the parents, they may fall for the girls explanation that it is just a cruch list, she never actually did it, no proof etc. This is sweet revenge!

    To the feminists: So Katie is a young woman with a healthy sexual appetite, discovering the wonders of the opposite sex. Does she have the right? Ofcourse (provided she is of legal age, not that I care, just dont want some vice suad banging down my door for encouraging under age sex here). But live up to it then! Instead of whining about it getting known. And if you cant bare the humiliation of something you do/did becoming general knowledge to the point of considering suicide (@*wes*) then maybe you shouldnt do it.

  88. wow….. so freaking random….. im still laffing XD

  89. PWND, such a score man lol. Sweet revenge!

  90. I just -beep-ing LOL on this sh*t!

    Mom,dad do you wanna see what i found on my sister room?
    Check it….
    -Katie come over here you whore.





    Have I summed up this conversation correctly yet?

  92. InspectorCloseau

    Hmmmm. So snitches get stitches and she got what she deserved, eh? Reality check , children. Chris will still get his when Katie files a defamation of character suit against him, and confiscates all of his future earnings and/or slaps him with jail time. The DA will step in and take the names of the young men named on the list and make Katie indicate whether or not she did have sexual relations with any of them under threat of obstruction of justice. If any on the list are truly involved (and not fantasized by Katie), then they will be charged as engaging in statutory rape with a minor, charged and placed on the sex offenders list where they will be required to register for the next 10-20 years of their life. They will not be able to have contact with other female children in that respective age group and may have to be home-schooled (or taken out of the home if the have teenage female siblings) and will have a record. Oh, by that time the parents, honoring Asian tradition to save face may either kill (or have them killed) their children and follow with their own lives. A rather sad possible scenario because, Chris couldn’t “man-up” and get over getting narced out. It happens, and better to learn and live with the consequences than get “revenge” later in life and wonder why you are staring down the barrel of a Glock because you acted immaturely instead of taking your punishment.

  93. this is so funny. anyone who makes a list like that deserves for every guy on it to know.. for their own hygeine. great revenge.

  94. I agree with this “That One Guy – January 10, 2010 4:20am” she deserve to be grounded longer then Chris better yet 9 month of exclusive vacation in a Rehab(for being a total whore)..who know she might be pregnant by the time she’s release (She did make a lot of BJ)..revenge is just so…..(how to put this nicely)…SWEET….in her case LOLLIPOPing all the guys…with an extra “LOL”….

  95. I’m about to go through a all 100 comments I see so far but all I can say is that guys is a hero he just saved at the very least 7 of those kids some type of STD and the embarrassment of kissing a cock-sucker, as for everyone trying to say oh he was wrong…. put yourself in his shoes NO ONE I mean all of you is no goody goody and everyone has done something reckless in your life just once! Getting grounded for really 3 months if actually followed out is a long time to sit there with your thumb up your ass and we all know if we found something like that we’d do the same thing if anything! To the sir with ballz O’steel I salute you! oh btw Inspector wtf are you talking about? Dude really reality check 1 more time that’s will NEVER happen….. better to learn living with~~~ are you high?! dude gtfo with that do NOT have any balls… female or not you know exactly what I mean.

  96. People who rat others out for no reason invariably have some dirt of their own

  97. Both kids are in the wrong. The boy for having beer in his room and the girl for having a list and an agenda like that. The girl did nothing wrong by telling her parents he had beer in his room. He had it and knew he wasn’t supposed to have it, so why either A) go bragging about it or B) hide it in your room where it can be found? This is really dumb on both parts. That little boy did nothing heroic. That little boy ruined a girl’s social life, which, albeit her is not at all condoned, is more important than any of you realize. His actions were a little extreme for just a 3 month grounding. This isn’t funny at all and I’m sure that girl suffered/is suffering hell for that list. That’s much worse than 3 months of not being able to do anything. At least the little brat still has his computer, which I think should’ve been confiscated in the first damn place. Hell, just tear BOTH of their asses up, give them the spanking of a lifetime and they’ll learn a lesson or two.

    If these had been my kids, the boy would get exactly what he got, plus no games, restricted computer privileges (no facebook/myspace/games. school use only), no television, and one hell of an ass whipping no matter how old he is. I’d treat him the same exact way I was raised. Hard ass yard work too. And then the daddy would get ahold of him, just cuz i know how my man is, and say “you want to drink, come drink with dad” and I know he’s gonna pull out a bottle of jack and make him wish to God he had never picked a drink up. Their Asian parents don’t have shit against mine or how I’ll be.

    For the girl, If I found out about this list, she would probably get grounded until she was 18. I’d take away the same stuff I took away from him. Severe ass whipping. I’d probably feel sorry for her and home school her until it passes over. Which would be perfect because she wouldnt have the pleasure of eye candy guys or the temptation to sneak off.

    God I wish these were my children. Spare the rod, spoil the child. and these children are spoiled. 3 months is nothing compared to what mine would get.

    0ooooooh that just pisses me off >.<

  98. She who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones

  99. Well despite about everything being wrong about this situation I’m almost baffled at everyone involved.

    First off, ALMOST EVERY F*CKING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN THE USA OR EUROPE HAS DRANK BEER! I drank beer occasionally in high school and I have a masters degree. The girl named Britney that freaked out about the beer has a whole lot of experiences coming. If she doesn’t change her opinion, then god help her.

    Secondly, this kids sister is just a pure b****. (enough said)

    Third……. I don’t care if you are Asian welcome to planet earth. Grounding a kid for three months isn’t going to do anything. He is going to drink beer soon, probably after getting ungrounded.

    And last, everyone of you that thinks what he did was wrong and unjustified need hit yourself in the head with a small hammer multiple times until you finally realize you are retarded.

  100. stupid mathematical asian ppl calculating shit out on paper all the time…wtf…

    btw id fuck her hahah

  101. Britnet is right its his fault for having beer in his room… that being said It is also his sisters fault for having a bang list in her room

    Serves her right for being a friggin Rat

  102. Ashlie-Social services would take your children away from you for 1. physical harm to a minor and 2. forcing a minor to consume alcohol, so your solutions would not fix the problem in any way.

    Jack-I would love to see some statistics backing up your claim that “ALMOST EVERY F*CKING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN THE USA OR EUROPE HAS DRANK BEER!” I’m not saying underage consumption doesn’t occur in high school, but don’t make a statement if you don’t have the statistics to back it up. Oh and if every high school student jumped off of a bridge I’m sure you would condone doing it as well. Despite how many people drink underage it’s still illegal, plain and simple.

  103. They’re both at fault. In fact, I hope they both learned their lesson; him for having the booze, and especially her for messing with someone clearly more intelligent than her and taking the time to commit her thoughts to paper so he could plaster it on the information superhighway.

    She got one-upped harder than any of the dicks she sucked!



    “Jack” – “And last, everyone of you that thinks what he did was wrong and unjustified need hit yourself in the head with a small hammer multiple times until you finally realize you are retarded.” AGREE!

  105. that kid is a fucking bro getting wasted underage is the best and his cunt sister shouldnt have ratted once again she had it coming
    dont fuck with a bro

  106. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha…Dude, Im from South Africa and Iv always wondered why going to America would be such an amazing thing:…Well THANK YOU VERY MUCH mislead youth of America, I CANNOT WAIT TO BE POLLUTED BY YOU…Wooohooo!LOl

  107. Legen – Wait For it – DARY!
    funniest thing ever, people are getting so morbid about it and going off about Teenage suicides, get over it. Shit happens, the end! All it means is she learnt a lesson to:
    1 – Not leave slutty lists around her bedroom. For those of you saying it isn’t slutty you are wrong, I am not saying that girls shouldn’t / don’t have the right to sexual desires but setting up a deadline? SLUTTY!
    2 – To be more careful of your own skeletons in the closet before you go and poke around in somebody else’s

  108. Oh, and a quote that seems to work for me on this (I know it is from a video game and it is kinda sad but it totally stands out in the case of Sibling Rivalry)

    Assassins Creed – Altair “Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted”

  109. Ashlie, lol you sounded like you were enjoying writing that, do you honestly believe that beating your children will make them do anything but hate you? … I hope you die

  110. Not real.

    But funny as hell.

  111. yeahyouknowwhat...

    Yeah so what, she made a list. She’s probably in grade 9 and who didn’t do stupid things when they were that age (I’ve also seen similar kinds of lists). What’s more important is all of you guys arguing about it. It’s hilarious that you’ve gotten yourself all worked up and upset at other people over someone you don’t even know (if it’s even real).

    “Arguing on the internet is like running at the special olympics. Even if you win, you’re still retarded.”

  112. So fake!

    a) on FB, it would say “My Album” and “My Profile”
    b) if it DID say the FB user’s name, it would be “Chris’ Profile” and “Chris’ Album”, not “Chris’s Profile” etc.

    Too bad, because it’s hilarious!

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