25 Best ROM Sites in 2021 – 100% Safe ROM Alternatives for Downloading Games

Who isn’t nostalgic about the old video games we used to play as kids, if you are a millennial you know that it was the golden age of video games. The consoles of those games aren’t even available now but do you ever wonder if there was a way to download those games on your laptop? Or even on your phone? What if we tell you there is a way to do that?

This is where ROM comes in, all you need to do is download the ROM of the game you want to play, and voila you’re saving the princess again in Mario. Naturally, the next question would be where to safely download these ROMs from, don’t worry we have curated the 25 best ROM sites for you.

25 Best ROM Sites in 2021

These 25 websites are like time travel for the lovers of old video games, they are 100% safe and we can vouch for their legitimacy. They are curators of this list have kept in mind that in the good old days we played video games on different devices, the list covers all of them. 

1. Romspedia


Much like the name suggests Romspedia is an encyclopedia for ROMs. You can also download most of the old consoles from this site. Aside from that Romspedia also offers emulators that can run these games the best part, however, is that it offers a solution for all the dilemmas you might have while picking the perfect ROM for yourself on its sidebar. 

2 Romania

This site is one of the most well-known sites in the gaming community, most people know it for its collection of online games. Another reason for its popularity is that it has a list of the top 100 games that are trending for being the most downloaded. The site has a large number of ROM games that are safe with that it also provides you with the profiles for emulators of gaming consoles. 

 3. Gamulator


If you are already a gamer then this name is not new to you, they have an exhausting list of ROMs already with that it is routinely. It also has a lot of games and emulators. That’s not all, it’s also a hassle-free website that has minimum distance from ads and pop-ups notifications. You can use Gamulator with your smartphone or your PC, it is also extremely safe from viruses.

 4. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler

This is one of the first few websites that offered ROM games to users struck by nostalgia. One of its distinguishing features is that you can fast-forward a game. In the list of best ROM sites, ROM Hustler’s name has been there for quite a while. You can download any console you request for the game you are playing through a simple search on the website search bar, making the process simplified. Another review for this site that is popular is that the downloads are safe and smooth.

5. Retrostic


Retrostic is a vintage site that has all retro games for the users in the form of ROM or ISO, there is a specific section of this website that is dedicated to a varied selection of emulators that a user may use to run ROM or ISO files. The main goal of this site is to provide direct download links with no.exe files safely and with minimum interference from advertisements. It also allows users to share the ROM with their friends through social media sites.

6. Cool ROM

Cool ROM

Not only does CoolRom offer the newest games to the users, it also offers you to learn about the existing games and how to master them. You are in good hands with this website as It has a host of websites, suitable emulators as well as ROMs. It is considered the safest ROM site and the interface is very collaborative as well. One of its distinctive features is that it provides a step-by-step guide otherwise known as a walkthrough on the website for users to read through the images and learn from.

7. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm's Lair

This is an ancient site, it has been around since 1997 even before the legendary dot-com bubble it has a vault full of thousand games. It also has full-color manual scans as well as user ratings and reviews. Other than that their collection is arranged in alphabetical order so you would find everything that you are looking for quite easily.

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8. DopeRoms


Doperoms is a dedicated website that lets users download ROMs and emulators quickly and safely. It also has no annoying adverts. They have ROMs for just about every console and computer that is known to mankind, they also have emulators to go with that. It’s an all-in-one website for all vintage gamers.

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There is no threat of spam and malware on the website. It also has fewer virus threats and the best thing about the download links is that it lets users download available links rather quickly. It’s very unique to find all these things on just one website and that makes DopeRom a very rare sight that has it all. 

9. RomUlation


This one is a bit different from other sites when you are using it requests the users to sign in and once the user is done they are rewarded points. These points later come into use while downloads (downloads such as ROMS and other games) Every 24 hours you will be rewarded with 500 points so you don’t have to worry about the points running out and in case you can’t wait hours you can buy them. This system is in place so that the existing data is not misused. They also have subscriptions available for their users, the options for subscription are quarterly and yearly.

10. Emuparadise


This website provides authentic gamer guides with a gigantic list of games. It also has emulators as well as ROMs, If this wasn’t enough it also has movies, music as well as ISO’s, It has a very robust support system that makes sure that all the virus addled software are removed at the outset, the interactive method of using reviews of customers for each software makes this system very trustworthy. 

 11. WowRoms


You can play old games online through this website other than that it has a great support system for an old PC. Gamers call this one a portal to their childhood since it has the oldest of the games that the gaming community had once enjoyed. Also gamers must know that this site is known for being the most reliable one. All the ROMs downloaded from different websites if for any reason dont work on your PC then you can go WowRoms and BAM! It’s working. 

 12. Romsuniverse


This is an up-and-coming website that has surpassed its expectations in the last few years with its wide range of data in games and emulators. Last we checked it had 63 emulators and 109 ROMs but the beauty is that the number keeps increasing. Another good thing about this site is that it has no bothersome pop adverts and since it’s a new website it has learned from other website’s mistakes and filled the loopholes of security. Its newness is also the reason why it’s popular amongst the younger kids and not just the old millennials who have played these games before. It’s a young website at heart it also has very brief online games. It also has a curated list of top games that were most played in its time. They surely do have something for everyone.

 13. Sony ISOs

Sony ISOs

Who doesn’t remember the market being dominated by Sony games so it’s no surprise that there is a Separate website dedicated only to Sony games? This website takes you back to the good old God of War days through its wide catalog of Sony games from yesteryears. It’s one of the best websites for Sony games. This is for users who used to use Sony consoles, the emulators and ROMs can be downloaded for free on this site. They also have a very interactive discussion room where the users can go for tech support. It also allows users to discuss and review the products. 

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14. The ROM Depot

This is one of the safest ROM sites. You’ll find all the games that one was Familiar with on Philips game boy Sega Genesis. The data library of this website has more than 61K files in it. Although Visuals might fool you into thinking that it’s an old website, don’t forget that this website is also one of the vintage ones. It also offers well-thought-out manuals that can guide the user into becoming a better player; it also has games from Atari and Microsoft MSX.

15. ConsoleRoms


All your favorite games from Game Boy, Nintendo PlayStation or any other console can be found on ConsoleRoms. It is an amazing website that offers you the possibility of finding ROMs and emulators for your favorite games free of cost. It’s one of the ideal websites to look for your favorite Game Boy games.

16. CD Romance

CD Romance

This website is a dream come true for any gamer, not only for those who are always on the lookout for ROMs which this site has plenty of by the way but it’s also for new gamers. It routinely updates its users about the release dates of upcoming games. Much like some other sites that we have mentioned to you, this site also has walkthroughs that provide gamers a well-thought-out pictorial guide to be better at games; however CD Romance is known for its CD and DVD games but there are games for consoles too.


This site has gained popularity for the large number of games it has stored. Although as the name suggests it’s a blog and not a conventional host it’s rather a collection of links further providing access to services like Mediafire and Mega.

it provides full ROM sets instead of offering a single ROM set, which makes it possible for them to run different games at once hence making the process of finding the suitable ROM for the game you want to play easier.

 18. ClassicGames.me


This is a cult website for a select few games that you loved playing during your childhood, it has options of letting the user play these games online and some of them are downloadable as well. The entire website is a stroll down memory lane.

It’s a bit old school but it’s virus and malware-free.

19. Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone

This is a classic for those who played Nintendo and Xbox, it has ROMS for GameCube, Nintendo Nintendo 64, and Wiiu, Wii. This site lets you play your childhood again right in front of your eyes. The downloads are pretty easy to do and there is no safety hazard as well. You can also find ROM for Xbox and PSP on this website. This is an extremely user-friendly site, most of the fans of this website are young kids who would rather play the legendary games you used to as a kid.

20. More ROMs

More ROMs

This is one of the best sites for ROMs for your old vintage Nintendo games. The system requirement has been reduced by this website making it accessible for people to play games here without worrying about their PC’s capabilities. If you can find the correct emulator then you’d be able to play all your favorite games.

21. The NES Files

The NES Files

Who doesn’t love NES games, they were one of the strongest ones in the market at the time. This website is a portal to the NES world, it has everything from NES games, from its music to manuals and of course the ROMs. For every Nintendo freak, this is the best place to be. We kept the bonus feature for the end with all of these aside it also has 350 NES. What are you still waiting for?

 22. ROMNation


The good old days were the ones with Gameboy, the initial gaming gadget that changed everything. Well, this website has consoles for just that. It also offers consoles for GameBoyColor and Atari2600. It’s also one of the few websites that are designed for smartphones, so you can pretend that your big smartphone is your small Gameboy from childhood. To protect your smartphone from malware it also has a signup requirement from the users.

 23. Old computer ROMs

Old computer ROMs

This is one of the few sites that have the option of playing backups online with its added collection of ROMs. The website is accessible through phones or PCs. This website also has an amazing collection of old PC games.

24. PortalRoms


This website has the advantage of its accessibility since it can be accessed in three languages. Currently, it has 10k ROMs which are a bit overwhelming for the user but on the site, you have a thing called PortalROM that will find you the game you are looking for. This is one of the only websites that have that feature.

 You might have to tolerate a few adverts during the download but trust us that the downloaded file will be trustworthy.

 25. The Eye

The Eye

The vault of ROM and consoles on The eye has the size of 3.1 TB. For Linux and Windows you can download files in a group. The contents of this site too are displayed alphabetically so it’s quite easy to find things you’re looking for. It is free from unnecessary ads and the downloads are virus-free.


Are ROM sites safe?

A simple answer: Yes, they are safe. The sites presented in this list are mostly safe, they are free and most sites present a certain amount of accountability. If you still don’t trust the free ones you can pick the sites where you have to pay for subscriptions.

Where can I safely download ROMs?

From any of the websites mentioned above, you can download the ROMS without worrying about malware and viruses.

Should I use a VPN to download ROMs?

It is not generally recommended since VPNs are advised for torrents and other activities such as bitcoin trading but even if you do still do a virus scan. There is a possibility that VPN might make the ROM incompatible as it uses different locations and ROM is not something you have to hide.


The portal of your childhood is one click away. Every time you miss what a great player you were in a game that you used to play with your friends after school you can just revisit that through this list, you can take a long stroll down the memory lane safely without any viruses or malware defects. You also have a ton of options to choose from. If you don’t want to take any ROM related risks, then you might find some of your favorite childhood games recreated as browser games on drifted.com.

The gaming community is known for its interactive comradery, it shares reviews and feedback so everyone can enjoy a good gaming experience. This list is a testament to the same. 

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