Belkin revealed Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod

belkin bluetooth dock adapter

Today was a big day in the technology world, for CES opened and product releases are rolling out. However, there is also another expo going on right now; Macworld opened today up in San Francisco. While Jobs� keynote is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific time (be sure to tune in here for all the info), some companies decided to jump the gun a little and release their products today. Belkin was one of these such companies, and they unveiled the next accessory for an iPod. The Bluetooth Dock Adapter is actually a pretty neat, for you can attach your iPod to a wireless adapter, which will allow you to play your songs through a stereo dock. Now there are a lot of stereo docks for iPods, but not many have the capability to control your actual iPod (as opposed to a remote) away from the speakers. Now you don�t have to worry about having to figure out a new remote; you can feel all cozy inside when you get to use that special scroll-wheel you love so much. At $129.99 is a decent price for one of these ever-so-popular iPod docks, and the wireless capability makes it one of the cooler ones out there. — Nick Rice

Belkin Bluetooth Dock Adapter [via I4U News]

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