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Could Microsoft’s Blue Track Mouse Be The End Of Laser?

Microsoft claims that come September 9th, you can kiss laser goodbye. Everyone was quite confused as to what Microsoft meant, that is until this picture of the mystery product that would put laser in its place showed up on Amazons Germany site. It’s called the Blue Track and it allegedly uses a blue LED teamed up with a wide-angle lens ...

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No Longer Living In The Past

If you’re driving any car that’s older than ’96 (like myself), then chances are you’re living in the past and sporting a cassette stereo system. Well, instead of bumping to your Ace of Base mix tape from 1993, you could always go wireless with the Flexii Bluetooth Cassette Adapter. Who would’ve thought? A cassette tape capable of Bluetooth technology. The ...

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Belkin revealed Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod

Today was a big day in the technology world, for CES opened and product releases are rolling out. However, there is also another expo going on right now; Macworld opened today up in San Francisco. While Jobs keynote is scheduled for tomorrow at 9 AM Pacific time (be sure to tune in here for all the info), some companies decided ...

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