BBQ Fencing: Sword And Mask Challenges Your Burger To A Duel


You can never be too prepared. While you’re roasting a sausage or two on the grill, you never know when your arch nemesis will pop up out of the woods and attack with swords ablazin’. The BBQ Fencing Sword and Mask not only allows you to look the roll of a vigilante, but will surely scare off any evil forces when they see how rough you treat your burgers.

Do you think Zorro would drop his character just because his wife and children were whining about BBQ ribs? You bet your ass he didn’t! And even if he did, he’d be sure to be seen in the tabloids the next day, totally ruining his bad-ass reputation. Ditch the “Kiss the Chef” apron, you girly man, and start challenging random slices of meat to duels. It’s the only way.

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  1. any body will dop it so easy

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