Battery Salt and Pepper Cell Shaker: Now Alkaline Free!


Created with stainless steel and glass, Antrepo created this awesome set of salt and pepper shaker, designed to look like a pair of D batteries. A clever commenter referred to the product as “A Salt and Battery.” Get it?

You know those batteries with the power level meter on them? You know, the ones where you have to squeeze the two points until your fingers fall off, just so you can tell that your down to your last five minutes of battery? Well these shakers have something like that going on. A clear window lets you see how much condiment you have left, no finger pressure required. Antrepo is currently shopping around for a manufacturer to make this shit happen.


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  1. For decades, I have been waiting for an opportunity to say this: That is a saltin’ battery.

  2. Why the hell didn’t I think of that, Steven? Genius.

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