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Battery Salt and Pepper Cell Shaker: Now Alkaline Free!

Created with stainless steel and glass, Antrepo created this awesome set of salt and pepper shaker, designed to look like a pair of D batteries. A clever commenter referred to the product as “A Salt and Battery.” Get it? You know those batteries with the power level meter on them? You know, the ones where you have to squeeze the ...

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Cocktail Chemistry

Now you can act like a mad scientist all while secretly being a complete drunk. This $40 Cocktail Chemistry set features a drink shaker, as well as some test tubes and a beaker all with laboratory logos slapped on ’em. Mix some battery acid, Jack Daniels and seltzer water together and you’ve got yourself a Dirty Hyde. It’s a drink ...

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Batman Watch Adds Spice But Isn’t Wearable

If you’re truly a Batman aficionado, at one point in your life, you’ve wanted a stylish watch just like Batman. A watch capable of calling the Batmobile at a moments notice or to request that Alfred prepare a hot cup of Earl Grey before the return home from an all night crime-fighting escapade. However, this Batman watch is a salt ...

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