Auto drawer for your fridge: open AND close with a button


We’ve been looking at fridges lately, we know that you can grow strawberries, frost and defrost your food there, we also reported that fridge doors can open from either side. Today Hitachi is rising the bar by introducing the world’s first auto drawer for your fridge, whether you want to open or close it, close it in the middle of opening, they’re all as simple as a button press. So no more embarrassment for having difficulty in opening those drawers when you bought too much potato, no more hassle when you don’t have hands at all (use your foot to kick the button). The automatic drawers will be used on Hitachi’s top line of fridges, the first model R-W5700 with 565L of storage will be available later this month with a whooping price of 2600USD. —Sam Chan

Press Release [Hitachi]

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