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Turn an Unused PC Slot Into a Safe Drawer

Now this is a great idea. A great idea that I didn’t think of first? Now that doesn’t happen everyday. But for this idea, I must concede defeat, as I would never have thought of such an ingenious space saver. Wait a second, I take that back, I so thought of this first. Yeah… totally did. The PC Drawer and ...

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DIY: UV Oven For Exposing PCBs

Here’s an easy way to turn an Ikea dresser into an ulta-violet oven used for exposing printed circuit boards. Blogger Aris gutted the drawers and mounted the top with an array of 35 ultra-violet LEDs that are powered by an HP printer transformer with a 1A/37V output. That’s a heck of a lot of power. What resulted were some nice ...

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Fractal Furniture Divides Your Junk Into Smaller Parts

Most people have some sort of junk drawer in their home where they throw all sorts of random shit that has no home anywhere else. Rummaging through a junk drawer is typically a damn good time to kill an hour or so, especially when it’s someone else’s. After all, you never know what the hell you’re going to find ...

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Auto drawer for your fridge: open AND close with a button

We’ve been looking at fridges lately, we know that you can grow strawberries, frost and defrost your food there, we also reported that fridge doors can open from either side. Today Hitachi is rising the bar by introducing the world’s first auto drawer for your fridge, whether you want to open or close it, close it in the middle of ...

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