Architectural Makeover: Because The Eiffel Tower Is Ugly?


Comparing Seattle’s Space Needle to the Eiffel Tower is kind of like comparing the finest cheddar to Cheese Whiz. The comparison just doesn’t stand. Though if SERERO Architects for the Soci�t� d�Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel have anything to do with it, the comparison might make more sense than ever before, adding to the concept of remodeling classic landmarks.

In a plan which would �create a temporary horizontal extension of the third floor of the tower in order to increase the quality of the access of the public as well as experiencing the fantastic 360 degrees sight of Paris.�, Parisians might have to deal with an added “Space Needle” type level added on to the classic cityscape.


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  1. Well I never heard about the Space Needle before reading this article.

    So I sought images of it, and now I understand why…

    Seattle Space Needle is just another one, with Toronto’s or even Sydney Sky Needle.

    Whereas the Eiffel Tower was built 120 years ago, and it was not built to stay but supposed to be dismantled.
    It was a challenge at this time, and building another one today would not be easier and would probably take more time than it did.

  2. Heck no!! No one will touch the Eiffel Tower in a harmful way. The Eiffel Tower is adored by millions of people, and if they make the slightest change, such as making it look like the Space Needle, it will never feel the same again.

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