Apple Being Sued For Failure To Deliver Millions Of Colors


Apple’s latest 20″ iMac display (you know the one we mean, with the super thing keyboard) offers to produce an image with millions of colors, yet the Cupertino crew is now being sued, reportedly, because the 20 incher only offers a blasphemous 262,144 true colors. The Texas resident who filed the suit, Chandra Sanders, claims that other colors are “produced through a technological trick of showing several similar shades at high speed.”

Brian Kabateck of LA-based Kabateck Brown Kellner, the represented firm which is suing Apple for the false promises says “beneath Apple’s good-guy image is a corporation that takes advantage of its customers. Our goal is to help those customers who were deceived and make sure Apple tells the truth.” We’d like to point out that the iMac 24″ screen does in fact offer millions of colors, 16.7 million to be exact, of which only 9.7 million can be seen by the human eye. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Even the iPod screen doesn’t have millions of colors. It only has 60,000-90,000 colors. However, the new Creative Zen has a 16.7 million LCD screen. The previous Zen Vision:M has 262,144 colors -4 times that of the iPod making the ZEN a true wide screen player.

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