Angry Birds Going 3D (and Windows Phone, too)

When you refer to “Angry Birds,” you’re doing either one of two things: A.) You’re preying on my fear of aves that developed when my grandfather had the bright idea of letting me watch Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds when I was seven. B.) You’re referring to Angry Birds, the incredibly popular cell phone game that has been downloaded over 45 million times between iPhone and Android users.

Well, you should expect more Angry Birds in your future. Even though it has been held up by Microsoft for some time due to the fact that Microsoft “has a lot of lawyers,” according to Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, the popular bird-on-pig crime simulator will soon find its way to Windows Phone 7 devices.

Vesterbacka also confirmed that Roxio is working on a 3D version of the game, but apart from the confirmation that a 3D version of the game exists Vesterbacka offered no details. This does open the door of speculation that Angry Birds may be jumping off the mobile bandwagon and to the Nintendo 3DS, though with the announcement of the LG Optimus 3D it’s anybody’s guess.


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