All in one Counter Surveillance device helps the paranoid take fear to a whole new level

Reading through our site recently, you might  have built up some paranoia from some of these inconspicuous GPS devices we have talked about. If you’re convinced you’re being followed, the All In One Counter Surveillance Device could help give you some peace of mind.

The device can supposedly track and notify of any real time GPS devices. Though what paranoia device would be complete with just a GPS notifier? Besides finding stashed GPS devices, the device also warns of CCTV video cameras, phone line taps including Internet and IP phones, and laser eavesdropping equipment. It can also be used to prevent audio bugs. And if all fails, you can use it to hit those in the head who look at you odd.

If you’re ready to take your paranoia to a new level, pick up one of these Counter Surveillance do-dads for $350 and allow yourself a good night’s sleep. Even if it will cause everything else electronic related to malfunction and jam. — Andrew Dobrow

[Amazon, via NaviGadget]

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