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CCTV Decals For The Commode

Etsy always has the coolest shit on the Internet. Made by some merry prankster, these CCTV decals are designed to keep an eye on you while you pull a number two. In fact, these stickers are so awesome, they’ve sold out completely on Etsy. I’m sure more will come but for now, you’ll have to keep a close eye on ...

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All in one Counter Surveillance device helps the paranoid take fear to a whole new level

[amazon fields=” B000ITXH1M ” value=”thumb” image_size=”thumbnail” image_alt=”All in One Counter Surveillance Device Multifunctional Bug Detector”] Reading through our site recently, you might  have built up some paranoia from some of these inconspicuous GPS devices we have talked about. If you’re convinced you’re being followed, the All In One Counter Surveillance Device could help give you some peace of mind. The ...

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