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Mattress Wallet

The Mattress Wallet not only holds your money, but also provides that mouse in your pocket with a great place to sleep. Don’t feel like spending the rest of your life in prison? Then you’d best leave that “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” tag exactly where it is, even if it does bulge from your pocket. What’s with ...

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Surveillance Light Is Not Watching You: Nothing To See Here

You would think, with how things are today, that everyone is being watched all of the time. And you would be wrong, of course. Just paranoia is all it is. What was that I just saw in the sky? Oh well, no bother. The Surveillance Light, which is not watching you, is a floor lamp modeled after the cameras which ...

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WTF?! of the Day: Gas Mask Shower Head

Nothing says “Damn, you stink and need a shower” quite like a shower head which needs a gas mask just to be in a confined space with you. The eyes of the gas masks face serve as mini-shelves to place all of your grooming supplies, such as a nail brush, shampoo, or a spatula. If it makes you feel uncomfortable ...

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