All American Tailgater Is American Without The Flag

This party wagon is dubbed the All American Tailgater. The problem? No American flag. It’s the got “Freedom Grill” and the bar is always open, but where are the other signs of patriotism? According to Obama, you don’t need to show your patriotism by adorning your nation’s flag.

That’s bullshit. Regardless, this tailgater is stacked! With a 32-inch flat screen TV for the outside bar and a 17-incher for its interior, you’ll have no problem watching the first two Lord of The Rings simultaneously. The amount of work that’s put into this thing is sickening. It’s got a keg refrigerator, food refrigerator, freezer, microwave, sink, surround sound stereo system, and a five disc DVD/CD player, all of which fulfill any of your party needs. It’s the ultimate truck mod. At up to $45,000, it’s really only missing the flag and mud flap ladies.

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  1. I guess that you did not see this trailer in person. I was the person that built them. Every trailer that we built came with a flagpoll and an american flag on the front… Look before you leap!!!!!!

  2. Nice article! It’s to bad that you don’t take the time to look at all of the pics. These used to come standard with a flag poll and and American Flag. Ass Hole… Look before you leap. Sounds like just another stupid Republican… Remember the 8 years of George Bushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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