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Heineken Mini-keg Joins A Rock Band

Just because you killed off your Heineken mini-keg all doesn’t mean the fun has to end there. Why not make use of it by turning the keg into a guitar amplifier? eBay seller k_hessler puts these amplifiers together (whilst under the influence) so he can sell them on the Internet for $119.99. There’s nothing specifically noteworthy about this 20W amp, ...

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All American Tailgater Is American Without The Flag

This party wagon is dubbed the All American Tailgater. The problem? No American flag. It’s the got “Freedom Grill” and the bar is always open, but where are the other signs of patriotism? According to Obama, you don’t need to show your patriotism by adorning your nation’s flag. That’s bullshit. Regardless, this tailgater is stacked! With a 32-inch flat screen ...

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The Kegstand Makes Keg Transportation Easier

How many times have you made a keg run for a frat party and forgot to grab a bin for the ice? Plenty I’m sure. No need to worry, though. This concept system called The Kegstand looks to change the hassle of setting up a party keg. You place the filled keg on a stand that has wheels, allowing for ...

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Three Liter Homebrew Keg

I love a good party with a keg full of Natty Light but who enjoys plunking down $60 for a deposit every time? Certainly no one I know of. Luckily, C.D. Pritchard has developed a way to create a three liter beer keg made from a soda bottle and some CO2 machinery. Most of the parts seem to be readily ...

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