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Slow Motion Ornithopter

Seeing this video makes me hope that one day I’ll be flying in a giant robotic butterfly. Researchers in Japan are working on this small ornithopter, a flying device with wings that are modeled after those of a butterfly. The idea is to one day have commercial airplanes with flapping-wing flight just like birds. Above is a high speed video ...

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All American Tailgater Is American Without The Flag

This party wagon is dubbed the All American Tailgater. The problem? No American flag. It’s the got “Freedom Grill” and the bar is always open, but where are the other signs of patriotism? According to Obama, you don’t need to show your patriotism by adorning your nation’s flag. That’s bullshit. Regardless, this tailgater is stacked! With a 32-inch flat screen ...

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Spimecat Uses RFID To Cater To Your Pussy

Cats are awesome. They kill all the rodents in your backyard, don’t need to be walked and make for a catchy Internet meme. Unfortunately, your feline could make friends with some neighborhood alley cats and before you know it, your crib has become the hot spot to be. Keep unwanted animals out with this RFID-enabled pet flap known as Spimecat. ...

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