A Chair Made From Hundreds Of CDs


If I had this many blank CDs, I wouldn’t know what to do with them either. The Panda Chair is made from a simple base, and assembled with hundreds of blank CDs. Of course, if you want to make one yourself it’s up to you if they’re blank or just a bunch of Avril Lavigne albums.

It looks really cool. It was recently being displayed at the Nude Pavilion for the International Furniture Fair of Valencia. Maybe Sony should start up a furniture line? I’d buy it. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. First of all, thanks for your comment about my design.

    Just a correction; this is the brief explanation of the Chair:

    “The CDs are an important problem in terms of pollution.
    The polycarbonate is an expensive and hardly recyclable material when it comes from a CD. 4.232 of these containers of data, handed over by the company Sarbide, have been reused to form the panda chair, of modern and technological aspect.”

    So all CDs on this chair are reused…

    ; )

  2. @Belen

    Thanks for the update! Ingenious design.

  3. id say just collect all thos stupid aol cds they give away…..idk if they due still, since i havnt seen one in a while, but start saving them up

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