8-Bit Hanger Lends You a Helping Finger

I always say I love pixelated gadgets, just for the fact that they have a way of making the rest of your surroundings look like they’re in HD in contrast. But there’s something else. There’s the ever-important geek cred boost to your reputation, of course, but there’s something about the geometric blockiness of both 8-bit items and LEGOs and even Rubik’s Cubes that strike a geeky nerve within us all.

There’s something about the inherent minimalism that attracts us to simple geometric objects. And this 8-Bit Hanger is no exception. Offering a helpful finger (no, not the finger) to hang up your trench coat or top hat, the ends of your handlebar mustache will surely tingle with the love that only retro gaming gear can produce.

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