8-Bit Hanger Lends You a Helping Finger

I always say I love pixelated gadgets, just for the fact that they have a way of making the rest of your surroundings look like they’re in HD in contrast. But there’s something else. There’s the ever-important geek cred boost to your reputation, of course, but there’s something about the geometric blockiness of both 8-bit items and LEGOs and even Rubik’s Cubes that strike a geeky nerve within us all.

There’s something about the inherent�minimalism�that attracts us to simple geometric objects. And this 8-Bit Hanger is no exception. Offering a helpful finger (no, not the finger) to hang up your�trench coat�or top hat, the ends of your handlebar mustache will surely tingle with the love that only retro gaming gear can produce.

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