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This is The Worst Ad Placement of All Time

Awful advertising isn’t limited to the confines of the internet. I thought I had collected a pretty impressive variety of terrible ad placement, but this – this pretty much punches all of the other examples in the ovaries and then proceeds to curb stomp them. I understand that many drycleaners are owned by foreigners who might not quite put two ...

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8-Bit Hanger Lends You a Helping Finger

I always say I love pixelated gadgets, just for the fact that they have a way of making the rest of your surroundings look like they’re in HD in contrast. But there’s something else. There’s the ever-important geek cred boost to your reputation, of course, but there’s something about the geometric blockiness of both 8-bit items and LEGOs and even ...

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This Chair Keeps Hanging Around

This concept for a chair alleviates the difficulties of storage that you’d normally have with other chairs. Having guests over? Well, you won’t want to have them sitting on one of these while it’s hanging on the wall. Instead, try taking it down and putting it in the circle of other chairs that can’t be stored in your basement cellar. ...

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